Similarities Between Jesus And Beowulf

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The names of Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr. are known worldwide. They have lead many fighting what they believe in. One man many people think of when being a leader to fight for his beliefs of the people is Jesus Christ. Jesus is loved by many and hated by the powerful, just like these three other men, but their is one comparison that has been made to a certain protagonist of ancient times. In the epic poem ,Beowulf, the protagonist, Beowulf, is a leader who fights for the betterment of society while being the one that many look up to. Beowulf is a Christ-like figure because of his selfless leadership to protect others, not for himself. Beowulf is seen as a Christ-like figure because he is unearthly . Jesus and Beowulf are leaders who make loving decisions and …show more content…

Two very important ideas in Pagan belief are Loyalty and Faith. Beowulf is very loyal to his comitatus and is also very loyal to Hrothgar. He would give his life for the safety of his brothers and would never stab them in the back. He also always had faith in himself and God. He trusted that he would be victorious over his enemies with God having his back. “But God’s dread loom was woven with defeat for the monster, good fortune| help against Grendel was with them| through the might of a single man they would win” (Raffel, 696-9). Beowulf is supported by the help of God and his comitatus to defeat Grendel. Beowulf also had faith in his comitatus that they would have his back. To the people Beowulf is the help against Grendel they are looking for and believed he could lead them away from darkness. Jesus is loyal to his disciples and is loyal to God. Jesus never believed in another God while he had faith in his brethren. The disciples of Jesus can be compared to Beowulf’s comitatus; both Beowulf and Jesus are loyal to their groups while always having faith in God to have their

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