Examples Of Odysseus As An Epic Hero

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An epic hero is a brave and noble character, who is admired for their excellent achievements. Odysseus for example, has lots of ways that show that. Throughout the story we see that Odysseus faced many challenges and obstacles which tests his leadership skills. As we read the Odyssey, Homer indicates that Odysseus is loyal, has straightness, and is intelligent.
In the books of the Odyssey, we see Odysseus as an epic hero, as he has many obstacles and hardships on his journey home. Odysseus shows loyalty. Calypso talks about Odysseus, "Son of Laertes, versatile Odysseus… you would stay here, and guard this house, and be immortal though you wanted her forever.” (Homer p. 1109, lines 69 - 75) This proves Odysseus as an epic hero because he has …show more content…

In Book 9, readers see Odysseus exemplify this trait when Homer says, “But I kept thinking how to win the game: death sat there huge; how could we slip away? I drew on all my wits, and ran through tactics, reasoning as a man will for dear life.” (Homer, p. 1120, line 330 - 334). In this quote, Odysseus is thinking of strategies to take out the Cyclops. This proves Odysseus possesses the intelligent trait because as his men are fighting the Cyclops Odysseus was planning a master plan. Another example of Odysseus embodying the intelligent trait, is, “My name is Nohbdy; mother, father, and friends, everyone calls me Nohbdy.” (Homer, p. 1118, line 274 - 275). In this part of the story, Odysseus tells the Cyclops that his name is Nohbdy, to trick the Cyclops. This example also demonstrates he fits the intelligent trait of an epic hero because as the story goes on, Cyclops gets stabbed in the eye and says “Nohbdy, Nobody's tricked me, Nobody's ruined me.” (Homer, p. 1119, line 317). This proves that Odysseus outsmarted the Cyclops and now when the Cyclops goes to tell his people they won't believe him because he’s saying nobody destroyed him, which makes them

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