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Odysseus an epic hero

Do you have a hero? I have a hero and that is Odysseus. But who is Odysseus, he was a hero in Homers epic and not only that but was also one of the greatest heroes who fought in the Trojan war. Odysseus was a very smart man because he created a plan that would destroy the city of troy so the Trojan war could end. he encountered many different things on his way back home to Ithaca. Where he left his wife for more than 10 years. Odysseus ruled Ithaca so it was very important for him to go back home with his people. Odysseus had courage, strength was wise,wonderful leader/commander but also had desire to end war and go back to his people. This makes Odysseus an honorable hero.

A hero in physical
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Wise and intelligent. Odysseus was a quick witted man at warfare because he was known for his famous wooden horse trick. He came up with the idea of the "Trojan Horse". But what was his plan? It was to get the Greeks to hide in the Trojan horse and have the people of Troy to open the gates so the Greeks would attack. In my opinion this is a very clever and outstanding idea. All of this lead his men to victory. Which proved that he was intelligent.

Odysseus has his weaknesses but also his flaws. He was prideful and arrogant at times. Odysseus was thought to be violent and cruel. This is his weakness. But most of the time had his flaws. A great flaw he had was having humbleness and admitted that the gods have helped him his struggles. passing out advise to his son Thelemachus. Advising his son to be patient is some great advise anyone would love to have. All of these qualities are characteristics of a great leader.

In conclusion, having a hero does not necessarily mean that they should wear capes. Qualities that a hero has is to be a good leader, wise, and one that has strength. Odysseus had all of these characteristics this is why i choose him as my epic hero. I hope that with this essay you choose Odysseus as your hero or something similar. Odysseus had courage,strength,was wise,a wonderful leader/commander, and desire to end war and return back home to his people. This is what makes an honorable epic
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