Jackie Robinson An Epic Essay

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An epic is a long poem narrating a deed of legendary figure. Jackie Robinson is an epic person in himself. He had the supernatural ability to change the game of baseball forever. Robinson is responsible for integrating baseball. Jackie Robinson proving himself as the first African American baseball player in the MBL is an epic event. Robinson was judged by his “villains” every where he went. Many people did not want him out on the field because of his skin color. The first time he dealt with racism was when he was in the U.S. Army. He refused to sit in the back of the military bus causing him to be honorably discharged. This did not stop Robinson from his dreams. As his career grew and he went on to the play for the Dodgers in Los Angeles, he journeyed to a vast of places. He traveled with his team throughout the season. He was not allowed to stay in the hotels and restaurants as the rest of his team due to the Jim Crow Laws. If that was not enough at games fans would throw bottles at him. Players from other teams and his own team would attempt to strike and protest against him playing on the same field as him. This encouraged Robinson to do more for civil rights. After his …show more content…

While playing here he was noticed by the president and manager of the Dodger, Branch Rickey. Together they planned to impact the Major League forever. Ricky had been wanting to bring colored people into the league but needed the right person. After evaluating and testing Robinson he signed him to Dodgers. Together they were able to change the minds of many people that were against integrating the game of baseball. Rickey even states “I always knew that my father had a second son in Jackie” (Simon, 68). Thanks to Rickey’s support Robinson proved himself by leading in batting averages and stolen bases throughout the 1940’s. He went on to become rookie of the year and league’s Most Valuable Player (Jack Roosevelt

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