Why Did The Aztecs Move To The Valley Of Mexico

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Many tribes started to move to the valley of mexico. One of the very last of these tribes were the Aztecs. Although they were one of the last of the tribes there, they built one of the greatest empires ever. The first leader of the Aztecs led them in the valley of mexico, until he eventually died. After he died he turned into a god. The priest would communicate with him through prayer. He told them to keep moving until they finally reached the Tenochtitlan. This would become one of the main cities of the Aztecs. The Aztecs formed allies with the neighboring cities of Texcoco and the Tlacopan. These three cities formed the triple alliance. In order to be a leader of the Aztecs you had to go thru a long coronation. On the first day the new …show more content…

Because of their climate is was difficult to farm. Frost would kill crops at the beginning and at the end of the growing season. When the Aztecs ran out of land on land they improvised. They would build Chinampas. Chinampas were made by piling up a bunch of dirt and water plants on top of each other. They looked like floating gardens. The social classes of the Aztecs have been compared to a pointed pyramid. There were a lot of commoners at the bottom and the nobles, the very skilled warriors, and the emperors were at the top. If the warriors did a good job they would be awarded with a helmet shaped like an eagle head. If the warriors did a really good job and captured four people they would get the to wear a jaguar skin. Not only they but they would get special privileges like wearing cotton. The Aztecs worshipped many gods. According to some they worshipped as many as 200. They believed that the god Quetzalcoatl created humans by mixing his blood with the bones of dead humans of the past. The Aztecs sacrificed a lot of things to the gods. Human sacrifice was the most powerful gift they could off the gods. They would sacrifice people by cutting out their hearts, by beheading them, drowning them, and burning

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