Aztec Dbq Essay

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The Aztecs were one of the most famous and successful early civilizations of the Americas that we know of, who ruled an empire in the modern day country of Mexico from 1350 to 1519. From their capital city of Tenochtitlan, now known as Mexico City, to their daily routines, the Aztecs had many achievements that they deserve recognition for. Two very important components in the history of the Aztecs are agriculture and human sacrifice. Although they both play huge roles in Aztec culture, historians should emphasize on their methods of farming. The reasons why historians should center their focus on the Aztecs' agricultural techniques are they affected the growth of their empire, were used on a huge scale, and were very unique in comparison to other …show more content…

However, with the acquisition of more land comes the increase of population, and as this population learns the improved farming methods of the Aztecs, the cycle of expansion continues. In addition, agriculture was used on such a huge scale, representing how important it was in the lives of the Aztecs. In Document C, a Diego Rivera mural that depicts how the Aztecs farmed, one can see that the chinampas stretch out for miles. Why would there be so many if they weren't so important to Aztec culture? This shows that the ancient civilizations depended on them an greatly, because after all, they were how the Aztecs got their food. Their importance was stronger than that of anything else they did, including human sacrifice.""To conclude, modern-day historians should emphasize more on Aztec agriculture, the reasons being its uniqueness, its ties to the expansion of the empire, and the scale it was used on. So, if you are ever planning on researching Aztec culture, try to learn as much as you can about their farming methods as they were literally the backbone of Aztec

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