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The Aztecs engaged in various items that were very unique and different from the rest of society. The Aztecs had an incredibly complex social structure system. They also believed strongly in education, family and the arts. Documents G, I and H focus directly on the horrifying human sacrifice rituals of the Aztecs.The Aztecs performed brutal and gruesome human sacrifices towards volunteers and members of other tribes who were captured during war. Document G illustrates how the Aztecs would take "flint knifes and hastily tear out the palpitating heart that with the blood, they present to the idols in whose name performed the sacrifice." As a part of the ritual, the victim would be painted and placed on a slab. Once on the slab, the victim’s…show more content…
In the end, people in the Aztec society were generally well educated, though boys received a better education than girls.Aztec clothing was generally loose fitting and did not completely cover the body. When the Spanish arrived in Mexico, the people were surprised to see them in their full Armour, with only their faces exposed.Everything done in daily life originated from great discoveries and events from long ago.Down in the villages the people were quite poor, even though great wealth was available in general. The people lived in adobe homes, made of mud bricks. One building was for sleeping and cooking and eating and worship. Houses of the noble class were bigger, and, as mentioned, were more lavishly decorated.A big part of entertainment for the Aztecs was the Aztec ball game. Special occasions and the players were celebrities.There were also various classes of common people.There were farmers, who were very efficient.There were merchants, who would travel and trade.These people had a fair amount of freedom to be independent and wear stylish clothes.There were artisans of different kinds. Every type of job needed to run a society that you can imagine. Aztec life was permeated by religion. The cycles of the calendar and rituals associated with it to keep nature in balance and to please the gods were a big part of Aztec culture for more see on Aztec

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