Sacrifice's Role In Aztec Society

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The Aztecs seemed to be very modernized and clever when it came to living. The Aztecs created ideas and inventions to make living better. While all of this was happening they still managed to be very religious. Some people might think their religion made them a bit evil but the Aztecs had their reasons. When it came to farming they figured out ways to get more food. This all happened while they still listened to their ruler, traded things, and sold slaves. They were hard working people who cared about their religion,agriculture,and social structure. History should say that they were religious people who did sacrifice,believed in multiple gods, and built temples. Sacrifice made a huge role in Aztec society, they believed that they needed …show more content…

Rulers held the highest position in the social class they had the most rights and were able to tell people to do things (creating). Rulers actively took part in religious ceremonies,rulers most likely did that because they wanted people to know that they are still religious (Aztec class structures). Rulers made all the decisions about the government since they were the highest class (creating). The upper class includes rulers, warriors,nobles, merchants, and artisans, nobles could have been royal families, lords, and priests (Aztec class structures). Artisans were able to get rich since merchants could have been able to trade or sell their art (Burstein 417). Merchants lead trades and are able to go everywhere in Mesoamerica to get food and supplies ( Burstein 417). The lower class includes farming families and slaves they had the least amount of rights (creating). Commoners could have been sold as slaves if they didn’t end up paying their tribute (Aztec class structure). After a slave’s master dies they are allowed to be et free (creating). The social class isn’t very surprising but pretty strict to

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