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Compare and contrast essay for the Maya, Aztec, and Inca tribes. In this essay I will be talking about the differences and similarities of these tribes. The first topic I will be comparing and contrasting is the religions of these tribes. The second topic is about the government of these tribes and the third is technology. The location for the mayan is Central america.
It was in a rainforest and the cities were like big temples and pyramids and small houses. Their time periods and capitals were Pre, Golden, post and the capital was chichen itza. The Aztec’s location was located a bit above the Mayan empire. The Aztecs lived in a rain forest to. The city's were near water and were sometimes on water. Their time periods and capital were Pre and golden and the capital was tenochtitlan. Last but not least the Inca’s location was located in south america in what is now chile and columbia. It was humid and there were lots of mountains. Their time periods were the same as …show more content…

The first tribe we will talk about is the Mayan’s form of technology. The Mayan tribe had their own form of writing that was very different from what we have now. This form of writing then lead the Mayan to invent their own form of math which was also very different from the one we have now. The Aztec on the other hand was very different. The aztecs were very good at manipulating gold and jewels. They could make them into anything. But the Aztecs did not have any form of writing or math. Instead to pass messages they would have runners that memorized what they were told and then they would tell that to the person that they were delivering the letter to. The Inca were similar to the maya in the way that they had there own form of writing. But the Inca’s form of writing was different from the mayans. The Inca also did not have math. The inca had a very unique way of carving stones with a rock to rock

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