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The Aztec people dominated the 14th through 16th century Mesoamerica. They are one of the most noted cultures recognized in history books today and they deserve as much recognition for their accomplishments and errors as much as any other civilization because their works were much the same. Their religious practices were similar to that of the ancient civilizations throughout the entire world. The magnificent capital, Tenochtitlan, displays accomplishments other cities had achieved thousands of years before the Aztecs marched through what is now Mexico. Even the fall of their empire was like that of the far away Celtic civilization and countless others. The Aztecs, like most ancient civilizations, were practicing a polytheistic religion. The most well-known of those civilizations possibly being Ancient Greece. The similarities don’t end there; when most people think of the Aztecs and their religion, they think of their inimical ritual of sacrifice. Thousands of years before, in North Africa, the Carthaginians were sacrificing many of their people, even infants. Most researchers believe it was to appease their gods and even to control the population, which are also reasons Aztec experts believe to be true for the Mesoamerican civilization. (Doc. 7, Doc. 6) Not too far away from the Aztecs in time nor location were the Incas. …show more content…

4) although in 15th century Nanjing, China, there was also a large population, with approximately 500,000 citizens. Tenochtitlan is not only well known for their population but for their agriculture and market places (Doc. 8, Doc. 11). In the ancient Indus River Valley civilization, they had been properly and efficiently irrigating their crops since about 4500 BC. Likewise, a few millennia later, the Greeks also masterfully advanced their civilization; they had impressively organized marketplaces called agoras. These marketplaces were the center of trading goods and

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