Francisco Pzarro Accomplishments

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“I have not come here for such reasons, I have come to take away their gold.” That is some words Francisco Pizarro said from the past. Francisco Pizarro was known as one of the most successful conquerors in Spain. I will be discussing Francisco Pizarro's whole life, career, contributions, and what life would be like without Francisco Pizarro. Francisco Pizarro was born in Trujillo, Spain around 1474. He was born an illegitimate child. Which means that Francisco Pizarro's parents never got married. For family, Francisco Pizarro had his mother, father, and brothers. The father was an army officer, and the mother was a servant. As a young boy, Francisco Pizarro received poor education, and he did not learn how to read or write. Also, at the time Francisco Pizarro took care of pigs as his job in his region. But Francisco Pizarro had bigger hopes for later, he wanted a life with more wealth, adventure, and filled with excitement. So in order to do that, he joined the Spanish army, and spent time as a soldier in Italy when he was a teen. Later on, …show more content…

In this essay we mostly learned about how Francisco Pizarro became one of Spain’s best conquerors. He was a good conqueror because he captured all of Peru, and found the Pacific Ocean. Anyway if you are interested in Francisco Pizarro, then if you want you can even see a statue that honors him in Trujillo, Spain, at Plaza Mayor. Originally though, the statue was in Peru, but in 2003 the mayor of Peru had asked for it to be taken down. This also was simply because people were starting to complain about how the statue back was facing the cathedral. Apparently after that the statue was then offered to Mexico, but since Mexico declined the statue, then it went to Spain. Therefore Francisco Pizarro shall be remembered for his adventures, capturing Peru, and finding the Pacific

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