Salem Witch Trials Vs Holocaust Essay

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How could two events become so much alike in two different ways? Well, that’s like the Salem Witch Trials and the Holocaust. The two are similar in many different ways and are very interesting. Both events started as something small and then turned into a mass hysteria.

In 1933, Adolf Hitler set out that the world would be a better place if there was no Jews. (Military Leader, Dictator:) He made it seem like the Jews were seen as a threat towards the German race. All of this started when the German community was defeated in WW1, and Hitler blamed the Jews. ( Military Leader, Dictator:) The Germans believed it, so Hitler started prisoning the Jews one by one, including children. Many innocent people were killed all because of Hitler’s …show more content…

( Wikipedia: Nazi Germany) These prisoners would work and even work without the right clothing or equipment. During this time, a lot of the people got sick and had mental problems without getting any help, so they would just eventually end up dying. This was just not a good time to be apart of. (Wikipedia: Nazi Germany)

In 1692, The Salem Witch Trials started as a small rumor, then ended up involving half the town, in Massachusetts, and caused people to lose their lives. ( Salem Witch Trials: Facts) A group of teenage girls decided to go into the woods one afternoon and start making deals with the devil. A man by the name of Goody Proctor found the girl in the woods and noticed a few days after that three of the girls weren’t acting like themselves. The rumor got around the village and started so much commotion. (Salem Witch Trials: Facts) There was no way to be safe at this time, everyone was getting accused of

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