Similarities Between Hitler And Stalin

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Adolf Hitler was one of the most cruel and brutal dictators in the world history. He is a renowned dictator for his insane act of persecuting countless number of Jews. Before he rose to power, he was a little-known political leader whose early life had been marked by disappointment. However, after World War I had broken out, Hitler found a new beginning. He had volunteered in a German army and was twice awarded for his bravery during World War I. After the war, he joined a tiny right-wing political group, which eventually formed the German brand of fascism known as Nazism. Hitler was a great organizer and speaker and could manipulate huge audiences with his great speech skills. Because of his powerful speeches and great leadership, it led him to be chosen leader of the Nazi party. Nevertheless, his power at the Nazi …show more content…

Joseph Stalin was a dictator of Italy, while Adolf Hitler was a dictator of Germany. They both abused their power and authority to maintain their position. Their frequent use of propagandas manipulated people’s behaviors and thoughts in their favor. They did not care about the personal freedom or the rights of their people nor even care about their lives. All they desired was more stable and stronger power to maintain their position as a dictator. Their longing for complete control over every aspect of life of each of their country has led them to become the cruel and brutal leader. They killed myriad of their own people and made others suffer pain. Also, most importantly they both pursued the same idea of totalitarianism and wanted to transform each of their country to totalitarian state. However, they great differed in the way of getting support from the people. Stalin used more violence and murdering people to gain support by creating a fear inside them, whereas Hitler used his fantastic and appealing speech skills to his people to gain support from

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