Similarities Between Macbeth And Hitler

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Is their ambition the reason of their downfall? Macbeth and Hitler are very similar characters because they both had similar rises of power. They were both murderers and they were both ambitious. Macbeth in the beginning of the play was originally a good man, a model solider who was loyal to his king. He was a described brave and true gentleman. Hitler had similar statues, he was labelled a tyrant, and he had a good reputation as a political figure. Hitler only wanted the best for Germany. Hitler and Macbeth appeared to be good in the beginning but their temptation for power has resulted of their downfall.

The desire for power has taken over them; they would kill who ever were in their way. Hitler always had a deep desire for power. When Germany was in an economy a political crisis, Hitler saw this advantage for him. Aldof Hitler was short-tempered, strict and brutal. And Hitler is responsible for the death of millions. Like Macbeth, Macbeth killed the innocent to keep his rise of power. Macbeth killed the good king Duncan, his two chamberlains, Banquo, lady Macduff and her children. However at first Macbeth refused to kill king …show more content…

Hitler wanted to take over Europe and the world. He was ambitious because even after he took over Germany he still craved for power. Hitler pursues his ambitions and will stubbornly refuse neither to give it up nor to be influenced by anyone by any way. When we wanted to take over Europe he didn’t have enough power or resources to fight. So that’s was one of the reasons he lost the war. In spit of Macbeth wanted to rule the whole of Scotland even though it was not his place to. His ambition first started when the three witches gave him the prophecy of him becoming king. Nonetheless Macbeth knows that what he is doing is wrong, but he still continues to kill because he thinks these people are a threat to his rein as

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