Causes And Effects Of Macbeth

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Macbeth was working toward being the king of Scotland in the beginning after meeting the three wired sisters. And being told that he was king to be, so it inspired him to do anything that he had to to become king. It did not matter the circumstances he would do it. Even if that meant killing his best friend. He down was cause by him killing Macduff’s family. Macduff come back to defeat Macbeth and give Malcom the crown that was to be his after his dad killed over. This tragedy could have be prevented by Macbeth never meeting the three witches in the first place would be the best way to solve it. But by running into them on his way home it made a headache for the town. It cause the lives of many and would have been more if he would have not overpowered by Macduff. This could have …show more content…

It always makes me happy to see the young kids getting into it at a young age like I did. I would like it as a way to give back to the sport being a show model for others to learn from. Something that could hold me back from completing my is that I could get in a car wreck and be paralyze so them I would not be able to drive and that would burn my goals of ever making it to the major leagues of racing and being able to follow the footsteps of my hero. Or even the chance of a stroke could also destroy my goals of racing. There are so many thing that could keep me from reaching my goal. The biggest thing that would keep me from it would be death. I would invest my life savings into a racecar if i knew it would give me a shot at make it into nascar to race in there top series. And would break every bone in my to be the fastest and most aggressive driver there is on the track. I would even take any that is in my way of victory out even it a friend. I would race every day of the year if that is what it would take for me to be able to make it where I want to

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