Hitler's Enabling Act

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The major cause of Hitler’s political success was due to the tremendous amount of fear that people associated with him. The fear of Hitler is what forced the government to grant him the enabling act, which then lead to the rise of Natsism.

President Paul Von Hindenburg thought of Hitler as a threat to their power, so as a tactic to suppress his authority, they thought by electing him into office and appointing him chancellor was enough for him to feel some sort of power and settle down. It gave Hitler a voice in the government and a say what goes on in decision making,so they assumed this would satisfied Hitler and keep him contained. They were wrong. Being in office just made Hitler even more hungry for power. The Reichstag votes gave Hitler the right to make his own laws, which granted Hitler with the Enabling Act. This by any means was not something Hitler was going to take for granted. Hitler used the Enabling Act to get all of the democrats out of office, abolish all other parties, and lead Germany into World War 2. If he was never rooted into office, he never would've gotten the opportunity to be given the Enabling Act. This was all due to the undermining fear of Hitler, and was a direct result of how threatening he was to the system.

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Trade unions were abolished and he had their leaders arrested. Hitler made it a law to follow and support Natzism, so anyone that went against it was committing a crime. Because it was the only party in Germany, it was a almost a forced religion. It was Natzism or nothing. Hitler would set up people's courts where judges have to swear an oath of loyalty to Natzism. The threat that Hitler had potential to take over Germany was what lead to his uprising. They tried to suppress his strength, but by doing so they allowed him to take full control over the

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