Evaluate The Role Of The Economy And Propaganda Essay

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Evaluate the role of the economy and propaganda in Hitler's maintenance of power

Seungchan Yang

After Hitler took a power in Germany, he managed to consolidate his power using his economy policy, gathered destitute Germans together, but also using the propaganda, increasing the support towards him. This increasing mass of supports towards him due to his policy that had increased the employment in a tremendous amount and the use of propaganda that had spread his belief and convinced Germans. However, despite these successful economic policy, the fund raised was purely concentrated on rearmament and still the autarky was not achieved, and his economy policy was just for the violation of Treaty of Versailles. Still, Hitler’s decisions in …show more content…

This belief eventually brought a huge mass of working class to his side as they strongly believed Hitler’s change on economy would bring them more wages, which means they would live prosperously compared to the Depression era. As shown from Schweitzer’s quote “no single unified economic system prevailed throughout the entire period of the Nazi regime”, this job creation through public works had improved not only economy in Germany but the quality of people in Germany, which shows that Nazis economic policy was mainly based from the evolvement of demands from Germans, and in this way, Nazis gained massive support. For instance, the Autobahns improved the transport and travel, in other words, it encouraged industries to develop such as Volkswagen. Volkswagen was the main motorisation firm that many workers were able to buy by paying monthly installments. This availability of cars and the improved transport infrastructure provided a leisure for workers who have free holidays due to KDF scheme, Strength through Joy, but also for youth generation which were provided from Nazi Youth Groups. Furthermore, Hitler used this economic policies mainly in terms of military under the idea of ‘guns before butter’. With the increased government income due to the

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