What Did Hitler Cause Ww2

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Hitler involved himself in The First World War and was very passionate about his Love for Germany and its purity. Hitler did not want to see Germany lose. Then because of this, after The First World War Hitler had become outraged by Germany surrendering and he desperately wanted a different ending. Therefore, Hitler was the leading cause in the making of The Second World War. The three most important aspects that helped Hitler win over the German people and start The Second World War was The Treaty of Versailles, the economic struggle of Germany, and his own family struggles.
The most important thing that helped Hitler win over the German public was The Treaty of Versailles because Hitler thought that Germany should have never surrendered. …show more content…

This was a factor in his rise to power because Hitler’s parents were not there to guide him and tell him right from wrong. He did not have that moral support behind him. In addition, without them there Hitler lived on the streets and had many strong German Influences. (CBC Hitler Film, 2003) One of these influences was that he did not have much money because he had no job. Therefore, he was affected by the economic struggles more and as he lived on the streets, he was submissive to other points of views of those living around him. “It’s the Jews fault you know, they swarm into our country and steal the bread from our tables” (CBC Hitler Film, 2003) said a man who was on the streets with Hitler. This then caused him to have harsher feelings towards the Jews because they were taking all the jobs and raising the prices of everyday items and he would tell others about what this man told him. Another German influence that Hitler was exposed to was the general German attitude of the time that they were the best and should win the war. Hitler heard speeches by people in public praising the war. This then caused him to hate the Jews even more and join The First World

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