How Did Peter The Great Improve Russia's Economy

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Peter the Great made many contributions to Russia’s economy. Whether those contributions were good or bad is the question. The actions that Peter the Great took he did them to further Russia’s economy. Since Russia’s economy was behind all the other countries around it. He did things like studying abroad for education, Building up a navy, and increasing trade and industrialization. Based on the number of things Peter did for Russia to improve it I believe his contributions were good. Or at the very least his intentions to improve Russia was good.

Peter the Great became the Tsar of Russia at a time when Russia was still very behind every other country. Peter himself set out to improve Russia’s economy. He first started with …show more content…

Their military was lacking as well. To fix this Peter the Great moved Russia’s capital from Moscow to St. Petersburg. This decision was made because of the water access that St.Petersburg has. Peter built up a Navy for Russia along St.Petersburg’s coast. According to Document 3, Peter also improved Russia’s ground military to protect trade routes. The Navy also contributed to the safe delivery of trade goods. In St.Petersburg, Peter improved shipbuilding. He also built up military ports where there was good access like in …show more content…

In Document 3 he expresses this by saying “Since our accession to the throne all our efforts and intentions have tended to govern this realm in such a way that all of our subjects should, through our care for the general good, become more and more prosperous”. Peter only wanted what was best for his people but his people didn’t see it that way sometimes. Document 6 expresses how Peter the Great’s decision to change their style of the dress actually affected them. Before Peter changed the dress conditions Russians used to dress as the document says: Until that time the Russians had always worn long beards, which they cherished and preserved with much care, allowing them to hang down on their bosoms, without even cutting the mustache. The Russians found Peter a tyrant and a pagan due to his decision to change their cultural dress. It went against their religion and for that, they didn’t like him. Document 7 it shows Peter as the representation he wanted for his people. His face was shaven, his hair was short, Europen-styled clothes were worn, and his mustache was cut evenly. He wanted this to be how his people looked though the document didn’t say he wanted this for his people. It does show that he did his best to change things in Russia to help the country improve even if his people didn’t like him for

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