Was Peter The Great A Good Leader

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Peter the Great was the Tsar of Russia from 1682 until his death, he was an effective leader by enforcing many new laws. Peter the Great was the fifth king from the Romanov family and became the most talented leader in Russian history. He ascended to the throne in 1689. Peter the Great was only 17 years old when he took full responsibility for Russia. Peter did very well in his early years and proved to be a better leader as he aged. What he did for Russia is his achievements and laws, and many other interesting things about this amazing leader. It's crazy to think that a young person can rule a country and be successful. Peter the Great was a good leader because he launched Russia well by establishing Russia as a great nation and bringing it into the modern era; During his time as Tsar, from 1682 until his death in 1725, he created many new laws for the benefit of the country.

Peter starts his work with new laws and rules, for example, by changing the …show more content…

It was one of his main goals, as well as the most important, wanted to have a strong army to be able to win battles and defend Russia. Peter the Great always knew he would have to fight many wars and win warm water ports, but even though the leader's greatest goal was to have a strong and successful army, Peter knew that his army was not trained or equipped to fight in battles. The war began in 1700 and continued into 1709 and Russia gained land around the Baltic Sea and eventually acquired warm water ports.
Peter made a splash during his 43-year reign in Russia. Peter died in 1725 at the age of 52, which is quite young but still accomplished more than any Russian ruler before him. Peter the Great sank many of the empire's resources in his wars. Peter the Great took the best parts of both systems and introduced a standing army in 1699. All soldiers received similar training so that the army had uniformity. He expanded the territory of Russia and acquired a warm-water

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