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  • Impact Of The Los Angeles Riots

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    Sanchez 2 Watts Riots and Los Angeles Riots Amy Sanchez History 18 - California History Gail Young 25 March 2016 The Watts riots took place in Watts, Los Angeles, California on August 11, 1965 which lasted for about six days. It started off with African- American Marquette Frye a young motorist who had been pulled over for the suspicion of driving while intoxicated. He was then arrested by Lee W. Minikus who was a white California Highway Patrolman. Spectators who watched

  • 1992 Los Angeles Riots

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    1992, a difficult year for citticens living in Los Angeles, California because of the riots, civil disturbances and lootings caused in the streets from April 29th to May 4th called The 1992 Los Angeles Riots, also known as the Rodney King Riots. These riots were caused because Police Officers of L.A arrested and physically miss-treated Rodney King, wich made the people of the L.os Angeles areas to start rioting, as the Los Angeles Police Department could not stop these events, they had to call in

  • Riots In Los Angeles Essay

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    The riots in Los Angeles (LA) happened in the year of 1992. However, the cause of the riots did not occur, until the year of 1991. On March 31, 1991, three policies officers brutally beat Rodney King an African American Man. Before the police officers had brutally beaten King, they had a high-speed chase with King and he resented arrest. The three police officers who beat Rodney King were, Laurence Powell, Theodore Briceno, and Timothy Wind. During the beating a man who was standing on his property

  • Los Angeles Riots

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    In the film, Crips and Bloods: Made in America, by Stacy Peralta, analyzes the social conditions of young African Americans associated with gang violence in South Los Angeles as well as its influence towards the LAPD. One of the events that became rapidly known for its police abuse was the Los Angeles Riots of 1992. This occasion which surfaced through the news media after four police officers were being videotaped beating up a black motorist, Rodney King, became evident of the unnecessary

  • Police Brutality In Los Angeles

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    In the spring of 1991,” In Los Angeles, California, four Los Angeles police officers that had been caught beating an unarmed African-American motorist in an amateur video an acquitted of any wrongdoing in the arrest.” [“1992 Riot in Los Angeles”] We hear and read about police brutality more than we should. Police brutality is a major problem in our country. Many times it is pushed aside or covered up. Sadly we find that a major reason for all this happens, has to do with racism as well. Due to that

  • Interactionism In Los Angeles

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    These stories are different because no one in the token sucking category has gone to jail for a lenghty time period and their crime was thought of a petty but " In Los Angeles, a 27 year old man stole a pizza and was sentenced to 25 years in prison." (Henslin, p209). Even though the subway system suffered financially through repairs, arrests and manpower the crimes were deemed petty and the criminals weren 't threatening to society. With the three strikes sentencings most rendered the same type

  • Los Angeles Monologue

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    Los Angeles, 1957. The bone crypt that cages my veins feels of something rotten. It was as if during my sleep, my veins were lined with lead and the air weighed with a rare darkness that felt strangely familiar. I descend the staircase but halfway down, I stop. He’s here. I can feel it in the marrow of my bones. My heart begins to violently thrust against my chest. My ears fill with the sound of static. I arrive in the den to find him stretched along the velvet chaise, the creamy smoke of his cigarette

  • Population Growth In Los Angeles

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    Los Angeles is the one of the most populous cities in the United States of America. Los Angeles takes less than two hundred years to achieve the current level of development. For a development, the city needs various factors, however, without psychological-social perspective, all those physical factors can be categorized into three: geographical resources, populations, and healthy economy. To develop a city, the city requires money. To gain money, the city needs higher population. To have more residences

  • Los Angeles Migration Analysis

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    century, the city of Los Angeles experienced a dramatic population increase. Los Angeles dealt with a high influx of migration from other parts of the United States as well as foreign immigration. African-Americans from the South were migrating to cities like Los Angeles in search of employment opportunities. In addition, by the 1930’s many families living in Oklahoma and Texas were forced to move due to the Dust Bowl, resulting in large numbers of migrants moving to Los Angeles. The Mexican Revolution

  • Los Angeles Plaza Summary

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    William David Estrada’s nativity to Los Angeles gives him a particularly keen insight into the history of the Plaza and Los Angeles. He has served in various curator positions throughout the city and is currently the Curator of History at El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument. His work, The Los Angeles Plaza: Sacred and Contested Space, provides an in-depth account of the history of the Plaza and Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Plaza explores changes in spatial and social dimensions over several

  • Los Angeles Basin Analysis

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    4.1 Geology of the Los Angeles River The Los Angeles River as we know it now is a product of human intervention and the several geologic changes in the Cenozoic Era, which extends from 66 million years ago to the present. The River is directly tied to changes in the Los Angeles Basin over millions of years, therefore understanding changes in the basin is part of understanding how the river came to exist as we know it now. Geologically speaking, the Los Angeles Basin is a relatively young geographic

  • Los Angeles Riots 1992

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    damage to the city”. These were the consequences of one of the most devastating riots in American history - the Los Angeles Riots of 1992. These riots were fueled by decades of rage from L.A.’s African-American community, but the main catalyst was the unfair acquittal of four white police officers who had beat an African-American man nearly to death. Around midnight on March 3rd, 1991, Los Angeles police officers caught motorist Rodney King wildly drunk driving; his blood alcohol level was two times the

  • Los Angeles Zoo Observation

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    I attended the Los Angeles Zoo on Saturday, November 7th with my parents and sister. It was a very sunny and warm day at the zoo. When I first got to the chimpanzee enclosure, I first noticed that the chimpanzees were relaxing and were inactive. Some chimps were sleeping, laying down on the rocks near the shaded areas and near the waterfall. One adult chimpanzee that was yawning and was lying on their back. I continued to observe the chimps and suddenly I saw a baby chimp running really fast to

  • Los Angeles Courtroom Drawings

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    of what happens to people of color, when they are prosecuted. As, seen from the picture, these two realities extensively differ. In the leftward portion of the drawing, the arrangement looks like what one would see if they were to step into a Los Angeles courtroom. There are rows of benches for those in attendance, two desks for the defense and prosecution, the faces of the jury in their chairs, the judge at his chair, and the flags of California and the United States next the judge. The alignment

  • Sanyika Shakur Monster Analysis

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    Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member is written by Sanyika Shakur. This novel is about his life and experiences within the Crips gang in South Central Los Angeles. Shakur released his memoir in 1993, after turning his life around while inside the prison system. His given name at birth was Kody Scott and at just eleven years old, Kody was initiated into the Crips after shooting a rival gang member and later earned himself the street name of Monster due to his horrifying acts of violence

  • Chinatown And Z-Boys Comparison

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    Peralta, and released in 2001. The two films under consideration develop their narratives from factual events that influenced the socioeconomic life in Los Angeles in the 20th century. While each movie presents a unique plot and set of circumstances, the underlying narratives provide insightful perspectives into the transformation of the Los Angeles urban life and some of the fundamental factors that inspired these changes. Consequently, it is imperative to explicate how external factors such as urban

  • Gang Violence: The Gang Problem In Las Vegas

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    in Vegas account for most the drug trade, as well as the staggering homicide rate. The gang problem is not only a problem in Las Vegas, but it is all over the world. Gang violence is a problem in every major United States city including Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD) has implicated many programs to fight the increasing gang issue across the valley, from bringing back the gang unit to having more police officers patrol the known gang spots. These programs

  • Crime In Chicago Case Study

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    INTODUCING PROBLEM: Crime in Chicago has been followed by the Chicago Police Office's Department of Records since the start of the twentieth century. The city's general Crime rate, particularly the violent crime rate, is generously higher than the US normal. The explanations behind the higher numbers in Chicago stay misty. An investigation in The Atlantic demonstrates no genuine proof of exact reasons, just speculation. Chicago saw a noteworthy ascent in brutal crime beginning in the late 1960s.

  • Los Angeles Lakers Case Study

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    When it comes to sports franchises the biggest markets are in Los Angeles and New York City. For so long it 's been the same way. Everyone wanted to play there and wear those jerseys and represent those big market teams. Not necessarily the case in today 's NBA. The Los Angeles Lakers ' failure to lure a big-name free agent has been quite the popular discussion in the past few years. Why is that? Some criticize the sales pitch from the front office executives, some question whether or not players

  • Beneath Mulholland Analysis

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    particularly in the city of Los Angles amongst the star stricken Hollywood stars. The song sang by The Distillers “City of Angels” captivities this idea of the melting pot of all that is truly going on in California .David Thomas captivates this in his work “Beneath Mulholland” a famous road that take people from Los Angeles to the San Fernando Valley giving its drivers some of the only siren views of the ghoulish city.. The Glitz and the crime