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Juan Ponce de León has been killed by natives on his voyage as according to his crew who has arrived back. He was to colonize the land, which he did. However, he needed to conquer the land and take it from the natives. He brought about 50 soldiers with him and many weapons. However, it seems that the European weapons that they brought were less effective for close-range fighting and they were forced to retreat. Before doing so, the natives shot an arrow at Juan Ponce de León and fatally wounded him. We decided to interview the natives about how they felt and why they would kill Juan Ponce de León.
Q: “What is your experience with Juan Ponce de León?”
A: “He and his crew full of soldiers just showed up on our land, immediately we felt threatened and we got our weapons.”
Q: “Since you were upset, what did you and
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But the thing is stealing someone’s home is just wrong. We are very afraid that a new explorer will come for our land and our riches. We are always on edge, I’m not sure we will ever not be on edge again.”
Q: “Is there anything else you would like to add?”
A: “I only have to say that I don’t understand what the point of stealing the home of people is. They take our homes and enslave us and kill us, personally I don’t understand it and I think it is unfair. We are being depicted as ignorant savages who are not as good as the Europeans, but how are we worse?” Overall, it seems like the natives disliked Juan Ponce de León and his soldiers as well as other explorers because of the stories that they heard. The natives were so threatened that when they saw Juan Ponce de León and his crew that they killed him. Juan Ponce de León was going there to conquer the land, however, the natives had much better weapons. After this interview, the native we interviewed passed away from unknown
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