Spanish Influence On Native Americans

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The advantages that the Spanish had over the Native Americans were extensive; including their weaponry and manpower but especially their vigilance towards the enemy “... for even if the Mexicans sued for peace again, he dared not trust them” (The Conquistadors, Hammond Innes, 1969). This was because the Spanish had a goal of domination and conquest, while the Aztec and the Incas were often ignorant and initially had no great fears of the Europeans. With the power of muskets, cannons, warships and more advanced technology, the Europeans were able to conquer and overwhelmed the Natives. While also leaving them in awe after creating great sounds with their firearms, they used the intimidation and fury of battle to scare the Indians. A large percentage …show more content…

Horses are quite an overwhelming animal, with great strength and, if trained, can ‘pack a punch’ when fighting the natives. With this ability to flank they were able to catch the leader of the Aztecs- Montezuma, “ Cortes actually told Montezuma that he had discovered the treasure, and Montezuma asked only that the spaniards not disturb or take any gorgeous and revered featherwork, which rightfully belonged not to him but to his gods. The gold he said, they could keep” (Conquistadors, Buddy levy, 2008).But there was no greater advantage that the Spanish had over the Native Americans than immunity to diseases (most important, as diseases moved faster that armies could spread). Even though the conquistadors had all of these advantages, they were still were only just beating the Aztecs towards the end of the conquest, so they sought the help of others. This included the neighbouring tribes of the Aztecs like the Toltecs, the Mixtecs, Zapotecs, as well as others that joined with approximately one thousand …show more content…

So with the tactic, Guile and surprise, which was used with great effect against the Americans, the natives had to find a solution to this Spanish strategy. So, the Aztecs soon became aware of the ways that the Europeans fought, and this almost led to their victory. This, near destruction of the Spanish was not only from the pure initiative of the Aztecs and predictability of the Spanish but also from the massive numbers, especially the Incans, had over the Spanish “ If twenty-five thousand indians perished for every spaniard, his men would still be destroyed” - Cortes (page 171, 1969, the conquistadors, George Rainbird). All the Aztec and Incan warriors were familiar with the land, giving them the advantage of the land “ Which ever figure is correct, it’s terraces and it’s single stairway of 114 steps made it a natural fortress” (page 171, 1969, The Conquistadors, george rainbird). They were familiarised with the land because of this guaranteed enrollment of every man being in the army, these born warriors were brought up as a young boy to fight and die for his people giving the Americas the training and natural ability to fight. When the Spanish invaded the Americas, the Incas owned the biggest empire in the world at that time. With the compulsory rule of every

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