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European adventurers who visited America faced little resistance from the local populations. This fact has been attributed to some vulnerabilities which made it difficult for Native Americans to wage a war against the European foreigners (Digital History, n.d). The wrangles among the local communities have been cited as among the factors that lowered the defense capacity of Native Americans. These communities fought over such resources as water and land for farming. For instance, the Hopi and Zuni communities had an uneasy relationship that was characterized by conflicts (Digital History, n.d). These conflicts made it easy for such European foreigners as the Spanish to conquer the local communities. The second vulnerability that Native Americans suffer is that they lacked sophisticated weapons and tools (Cleary, n.d). They were unable to wage war against the European adventurers who possessed better equipment. For instance, the Spaniards were able to conquer American lands because they had access to complex equipment that allowed them to travel by sea and wage war (Cleary, n.d). The war between the Aztec Empire and the Spaniards is perhaps the best …show more content…

The document essentially split the nation into two camps. On one hand, there was a group who welcomed the document, seeing it as necessary for progress. On the other hand, there was a camp which opposed the document, arguing that it represented an unwelcome change. The fact that it ushered a new form of governance where authority would be shared between the federal government and state authorities is one of the factors that made the constitution a controversial document (U.S National Archives and Records Administration, n.d). There are those who felt that the constitution took away authority from the state governments and therefore robbed them of their autonomy. These individuals were the staunchest critics of the

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