Descriptive Essay On El Salvador

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“Bienvenidos a El Salvador,” the flight attendant announced over the intercom. I looked towards the windows and enjoyed the breathtaking scenery. I could see the long fields, the beautiful hills and valleys, and the volcanoes. The palm trees were bright green and the sky was filled with color.The land seemed to be filled with life. “Where were the empires, buildings, or roads?”, I pondered. The same flight attendant interrupted my thoughts once again. “ We have now arrived at the San Salvador Airport, please remember to get your belongings,” he said. My hands were sweating and I could feel my heart about to pop out of my chest. It had been a while since I had last visited El Salvador. I was observting the workers as they stared me down. Their eyes traveled from the top of my head to the toes of my feet. “ Why were they staring at me?”, I wondered. I brushed off these …show more content…

As the car was in motion on the way to where I would be staying I rolled the window down. Something other than the tall green grasses and canopy trees caught my attention. I finally started to see some scattered buildings, hotels, and restaurants. The city started to seem more urbanized, that wasn 't the only infrastructure that I saw, more was yet to come. As we went deeper into the rural areas the buildings disappeared and the sidewalks started to become more deteriorated. More people began appearing on the streets. Women with buckets of fruits passed by yelling, “please buy.” I saw kids with holes in their clothes and stained all over in the middle of the cars begging for Money. Elders with straps of clothes were dragging their belongings with no help from others. The walls of the houses were full of graffiti. The roads became more broken down. Suddenly the beeping of the cars startled my thoughts and my world unfroze. I felt the droplets accumulating under my eyes. Tears began rolling down my face. It was at that moment that I realized how honored I was to have everything

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