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Colombia’s official name is the Republic of Colombia. It is also nicknamed the “gateway to South America”. It is located in Northern South America where South America connects with North and Central America. With a population of 45,013,672, Colombia is the fifth largest country in Latin America. Colombia is known for its beautiful culture, land, and natural beauty.

In earlier times the land of Colombia was under Spanish rule. July 20th, 1810 the residents of Bogota protested against Spanish rule fighting for their independence. Their independence was granted freeing Colombia from the Spanish. The people of Colombia come together to celebrate “Colombian Independence Day” on the 20th of July to remember and celebrate their freedom. …show more content…

Tropical beaches run along the north and west, grasslands and deserts are in the northern part of Colombia. Snow-covered volcanoes and mountains run through the center, creating ideal farming conditions because of the fertile soil from volcanic eruptions. Colombia’s warm tropical climate along the eastern plains and cooler climate in the highlands help create a lot of the country’s resources. Coal, petroleum, natural gas, gold, silver, and platinum are some of the natural resources that help with the country’s economy. Bananas, rice, tobacco, sugarcane, coco beans, and coffee have a huge impact on Colombia’s agriculture. Coffee production of 11.5 million bags yearly has helped Colombia rank third highest in the …show more content…

Colombia has been very successful importing and exporting goods with other countries. Colombia is a beautiful country with amazing cultures and people. It is easy to understand why the people of Colombia are known to be the happiest people in the world. Whether you’re a citizen of Colombia or a tourist visiting, it is easy to see the unique beauty and resources that Colombia has to

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