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  • Puerto Rican Citizenship In Puerto Rico

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    Americans know that the people of Puerto Rico are legal citizens of the United States (Venator-Santiago). This predominantly has to do with the gray areas that have been established through contradictory and confusing legislation imposed upon the commonwealth regarding its residents’ status throughout time, hence aiding in the creation of a national identity that’s not trenchantly defined, neither in the eyes of its inhabitants nor of those of the mainland. Puerto Rico used to be a Spanish colony

  • Argumentative Essay On Puerto Rico

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    The Land of the Free… Well, Except Puerto Rico Whenever Americans think of Puerto Rico, they tend to think first of the beautiful Caribbean vacation destination. Whenever Puerto Ricans think of their island, they see the years of mistreatment and hardship that the island has endured. Puerto Rico has been the property of other countries for nearly five hundred years, but that does not give the United States a right to continue to ignore it. Puerto Rico’s status as a United States commonwealth keeps

  • Informative Speech On Puerto Rico

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    Perez-Arroyo 1. Speech Topic: The History of Puerto Rico and its ties to the United States 2. Attention-Getter: Hi, my name is Kat and I was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and I would like to ask you a question I was asked a few years ago when I was living in Topeka, Kansas “What kind of documentation do I need to travel to and from Puerto Rico? Do I need A. A Driver’s license B. A Passport C. A Visa D. A Coquí (small frog Species native to Puerto Rico)” 3. Statistic Slide: Project slide, and then

  • Analysis Of Puerto Roco

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    Puerto Roco - An analysis for business perspective. Populated for centuries by aboriginal peoples, the island was claimed by the Spanish Crown in 1493 following Christopher COLUMBUS' to the Americas. In 1898, after 400 years of colonial rule that saw the population nearly exterminated and African slave labor introduced, Puerto Rico was ceded to the US as a result of the Spanish-American War. Puerto Ricans were granted US citizenship in 1917. Popularly elected governors have served since 1948. In

  • Old San Juan Analysis

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    Walking along cobblestones in Old San Juan LEAD PARAGRAPH Puerto Rico is a small country filled with many riches, dotted by two other equally famous islands Vieques and Culebra, and with more and more cities and airports opening up to tourists, it's becoming a great destination in the Caribbean. What's great about it is if you live in the US, you actually don't need a passport to get here! We explore the most touristy place within Puerto Rico, San Juan, the capital and also the hub for connecting flights

  • Manatee Life In The Caribbean Sea

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    There are many islands around the country of the Caribbean seas. Islands of the Caribbean Sea have travelled the world and found that people in general know very little about the Caribbean except for its sun, sea and sand. Islands of the Caribbean Sea are a place for consumers to experience content that gives them an in-depth knowledge of the Caribbean region. Many countries involve such as Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Haiti, and Jamaica and etc., these countries are all

  • Similarities Between Spain And Spanish American War

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    By 1825 a lot of the empire was taken by other country 's but Spanish did keep hold of what they had. The conturys that the Spanish still had were " Cuba and Puerto Rico and across the Pacific in Philippines Islands, and the Carolina, Marshall, and Mariana Islands (including Guam) in Micronesia." Some of these country 's like Puerto Rico allied with the united states after the Spanish-American war. One thin that happend in the war that was not really talked

  • The French Revolution: The Causes Of The Haitian Revolution

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    After three centuries of colonial rule, Spanish and Portuguese America got independence. Between 1808 and 1826 all of Latin America except the Spanish colonies of Cuba and Puerto Rico remained under Spanish rule. This was the result of a combination of long-building tensions in colonial rule and a series of external events. The reforms imposed by the Spanish in the 18th century provoked great instability in the relations between the rulers and their colonial subjects in the Americas. Many Creoles

  • Effects Of Spanish American War

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    ended in 12 August 1898, lasting only 10 weeks (cite). The main cause of the war was the United States economic interests in Cuba who under the Spanish colonial rule. With signing of the Treaty of Paris on 10 December 1898, Spain gave up Guam, Puerto Rico, its possessions in the West Indies, and the Philippines with United States compensating them with $20 million. The United States occupied these regions under guidance of the Teller Amendment of 19 April 1898 (cite). The end to the Spanish-American

  • The Causes And Consequences Of The Spanish-American War

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    The Spanish-American war The Spanish-American War happened in 1898 between Spain and the United States. During the war, the Spanish colonial rule was ended in America, leading to the U.S acquiring territories in Latin America and Western Pacific. The origin of the war was Cuba’s struggle to get its independence from Spain that started in 1895. The war was a short one that lasted for four months. During this time, Spain used brutal measures in stopping the rebellion, and various sensational newspapers

  • Market Saturation In America

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    In the subsequent years following the end of the Spanish-American war of 1898, the United States of America found itself disseminated across the Pacific Ocean. Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and—in every practical sense—Cuba were under American dominion. The main purpose of acquiring these lands: to open the doors for economic expansion—to make money. Market saturation in the U.S. was the was the principal catalyst for the decision to take on colonies; moreover, had domestic markets

  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Vacation To Puerto Rico

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    Last summer I went on vacation to Puerto Rico with my cousins. We did really fun things like snorkeling, a boat ride, and eating at many wonderful places. Although all those sound really fun, I want to talk about the time I met the most cutest, most fluffiest, most friendliest, animal ever. It all started off on a breezy summer night while my cousins and family were chillin’ at our hotel pool. We were quite tired because we had just come back from our filling italian dinner. I was sitting in the

  • Martin Luther King Bullying Persuasive Speech

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    There is a group of students walking back and forth to classes. No one notices the boy lingering in the hallway. He is your average student with books in his hands, a bag slumped over his shoulders, and a smile on his face to lighten up the day. However, behind that smile, there is neglect, loneliness, and the label of being an outsider plastered on his forehead. No one acknowledged his existence, until his face was broadcast on the local TV channel. He committed suicide and the students finally

  • Poem Analysis: Let America Be America Again

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    The poem “ Let America Be America Again" is one of his famous poems that composed by Langston Hughes. America is a country of freedom, equality, and happiness which gives the American citizen a stable life. The society is divided into classes which also survives distinction between rich people and poor people. Moreover, America is a multi-ethnic country, so that it also survives racial discrimination; it happens between white people and black people. Thus, the poem meaning refects racial discrimination

  • Mending Socks And Barbecue Analysis

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    This essay will be analyzing the paintings Mending Socks and Barbecue by Archibald Motley. Mainly focusing on the painting to recognize and understand the visual choices that were made when creating the artwork. As well as being able to state specific elements in the painting. Motleys Artwork The 1920s and 1930s was a time when everyone was inspired by jazz and urban, black expression. It was a moment when modern African American culture took people's imagination. According to Coleman, F. (1995)

  • Descriptive Essay About Fear Of Water

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    I'm moving gently forward, over the wild and beautiful, unexplored world below me. I'm floating in silence, and breaking it up with the sound of my breath. Above me, there’s nothing but shimmery light, the place where I've come from, and will go back to when I am done here. I'm going deeper past the wrinkled rocks and dark seaweed, toward a deep blueness where a school of silver fish wait. As I swim through the water, bubbles burst from me, wobbling like little jellyfish as they rise. I would have

  • The Importance Of Propaganda In World War 1

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    World War 1 was the first war were propaganda played huge role in keeping people at the home front informed about what was happening throughout the battlefields. This was also the first war where the government introduced propaganda to target the public and change their opinion on war (“Propaganda in World War 1”). There were many reasons for the governments to use propaganda throughout World War 1 such as; to blacken the enemy's name, to turn countries against another country, to persuade people

  • Male Domination In The Color Purple Essay

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    The domination of men over women is often characterized by physical and psychological victimization of women and enhancement of their misery. This male domination is not limited to any particular region or particular period but it is globalised problem of all the times. Many women writers enter the literary scene to motivate women and fight against male domination. Walker is one among these sort of writers. Alice walker in her novels portrays the world view of women and their worthy roles, as mother

  • Great Barrier Reef Case Study

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    1) Explain how and why human interaction has caused the environmental change to the chose environment in both countries? Coral reefs are an environment to a vast range of different species. 25% of all global reefs have been destroyed by humans. 60% percent of coral reefs are under threat by humans. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the largest reefs located in Queensland Australia, it is hugely impacted by humans. Pollution, tourism, and mining have all had a huge negative impact on the reef. Coral

  • Compare And Contrast Anagnorisis And Peripetia

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    Aristotle said that the best plays have both anagnorisis and peripetia which occur nearly at the same time. In the majority of plays and movies there are examples of anagorisis and peripetia. They both effect the play or movie immensely. Sometimes it may work but sometimes it may not. Anagnorisis is a moment in a play or any other work when a character makes a critical discovery. The term anagnorisis originally came from a Greek context meaning recognition. From today and from Greek times the