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    Puerto Rican music is a dynamic and unique representation of the island's cultural past, inspired by different cultures that we discussed during the discussion session. They include Spanish colonialism, African slavery, and native Taino culture. Puerto Rican music stands out from other genres in the Latin American and Caribbean music industry for its vast and diverse musical environment. It creates historical and instructive Puerto Rican music. The ability of Puerto Rican music to capture the hardships

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    Puerto Rico One of the best places to travel in the Caribbean is Puerto Rico. It is a pleasant tropical island with a stunning coastline and a lot to offer tourists of all ages. The island offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities, including hiking and snorkeling, as well as excellent outdoor recreation opportunities. Puerto Rico also has some of the world's most stunning beaches, so if you want to spend some time at the beach, this is the place for you. Puerto Rico is a stunning Caribbean

  • Puerto Rico Research Paper

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    this particular topic matter? Everything is fine in Puerto Rico rightful the way things are? The reality is that things are not fine the way they are. Puerto Ricans want a new change. They're just not sure what form it should take. Natives of Puerto Rico are U.S. citizens by birth. Puertoricans

  • Puerto Rico Swot Analysis

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    Puerto Roco - An analysis for business perspective. Populated for centuries by aboriginal peoples, the island was claimed by the Spanish Crown in 1493 following Christopher COLUMBUS' to the Americas. In 1898, after 400 years of colonial rule that saw the population nearly exterminated and African slave labor introduced, Puerto Rico was ceded to the US as a result of the Spanish-American War. Puerto Ricans were granted US citizenship in 1917. Popularly elected governors have served since 1948. In

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    If I could get a ticket to go anywhere around the world, I would go to Puerto Rico, Because of the culture. I love the culture for the people and the personalities and also the beautiful scenery. The people on the the island are very friendly. The island is filled with tons of thing to see. To the beautiful beaches in Isabela to old San Juan to the mighty mountains of Moca and to the magnificent water falls of San Sebastian. When I 'm over there I would go see lots of thing and see family and friend

  • Puerto Rico Research Paper

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    Knock Life from the streets of Puerto Rico The Hispanic diversity of the United States has been well documented in immigration and population numbers for many years. In 1994, there were 26.4 million Hispanic Americans living in the Continental United States. In 2005 that number had ballooned to over 35 million. Now in 2008 the number is over 45 million people. (US Census 2008) The four main groups of Hispanic citizens are the people from Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Central America. Our Hispanic

  • Pros And Cons Of Puerto Rico

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    Puerto Rico is a beautiful and diverse island with a rich history, culture, and people. Currently, Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States of America but for many years there have been proposals for Puerto Rico to be granted statehood. Puerto Rico was acquired by the United States from Spain after the 1898 Spanish-American War and there have been notions for independence and statehood since the 1950s. As a territory of the US, Puerto Ricans are U. S citizens by birth but they do not have

  • Puerto Rico Should Be A State Essay

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    Puerto Rico: To Be A State Or To Not Be A State, That Is The Question Puerto Rico is one of many small islands found in the Caribbean. Numerous debates have been held on whether or not it should become the fifty-first state of the United States. There are some positive impacts correlated with this theory. However, becoming a state would make Puerto Rico lose some of its charm and culture, mess up the political structure already set up in the United States, and be unfair to all the Puerto Rican people

  • Treaty Of Paris Puerto Rico Dbq

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    was that the Philippines and Puerto Rico to the United States (in the treaty Cuba was granted independence) in return, Spain would receive $20 million dollars from the United States. How the United States handled these situations are subject to much scrutiny and negatively looked upon. Another area of discussion is if the United States abandoned things from the Declaration of Independence and essentially what the country stood for. Under the Treaty of Paris Puerto Rico became an American Provence

  • Similarities Between Puerto Rico And The United States

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    Many people believe that Mexicans and Puerto Rican’s are the same. Puerto Rico and Mexico are not the same at all Mexico is a whole country itself while Puerto Rico is a island that is actually part of the United States, Mexican food is very different from Puerto Rican food, and Mexican Spanish is not the same as Puerto Rican Spanish some words mean different things in the Mexican Spanish. “Mexico is a large North American country lying south of the United States.” (Admin) Mexico was colonized

  • Puerto Rico Should Be A State Essay

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    Currently Puerto Rico’s situation is complicated due to the questioning if Puerto Rico would be best as a state or a country. The reason why Puerto Ric isn’t really considered as a state nor country is because the U.S won vs Puerto Rico in War and keep their history, culture became U.S territory . Since Puerto Rico was a Spanish colony and Spain lost its war Puerto Rico was forced to be passed down to the U.S. Statehood s controversial because some people would prefer to have a full citizenship while

  • Puerto Rico And Us Relationship Essay

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    The relationship between the United States of America and Puerto Rico has long been complicated and confusing, ultimately leading to Puerto Rico being deemed a territory of the United States. However, as society has progressed the real question comes to mind: how does the relationship between Puerto Rico and the US affect Puerto Ricans and how will this relationship continue to change? After reviewing the past of both Puerto Rico and the United States individually and holistically, as well as understanding

  • Puerto Rico Renewable Energy Essay

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    United Nations, while not actively helping Puerto Rico, has taken steps towards renewable energy. One of their Development Goals is to “ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all” (United Nations). United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has been working to install renewable energy sources in countries like Nepal (UNDP). And while America pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement Puerto Rico, along with fourteen other states, are remaining (Governor Jay Inslee)

  • Compare And Contrast Puerto Ricos And Mexicans

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    The Puerto Ricans and Mexicans are known for their immigration groups. They move out of their hometown for a purpose. One purpose is to restart their lives and find a job. Mostly both of them move to the United States of America. The United States is the homeland for immigrants, mainly because it is one of the greatest places to live in, because there’s more opportunities for jobs. Puerto Ricans and Mexicans are very much alike in why they came to the United States. Both the Puerto Ricans and Mexicans

  • Federalism: Disaster Response In Puerto Rico

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    Chapter Application November 8, 2017 Chapter 4: Federalism Article: Davis Aaron C., Lamothe Dan, and O'Keefe Ed. “U.S. response in Puerto Rico pales next to actions after Haiti quake”. The Washington Post. September 28, 2017 On September 20th, Hurricane Maria ravaged the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico which resulted in an emergency situation for several million American citizens. Since Maria struck the island, there has been a disconnect between the level of aid requested or provided and the needs

  • Compare And Contrast Puerto Rico And The United States

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    Puerto Rico and the United States The debate on whether or not Puerto Rico should become a US state has been going on since 1898, after the U.S. defeated Spain in the Spanish-American war. Factors such as the country's relationship, how it might benefit the United States, and our laws, all affect the outcome. This is a complex topic, and there are many sides to it. There are numerous different opinions that people have, both in the United States and in Puerto Rico. “In November 2020, 53 percent

  • Puerto Rico Should Become A State Essay

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    Puerto is one of the Caribbean Islands it has a landscape of lush greenery. It has beautiful green mountains, waterfalls, and tropical rainforest. It is famous for its sandy beaches and coral reefs and very vulnerable to attack. Puerto Rico should become a state because it is already a US territory and an ally of the United States ,also it should become a state because Puerto Rico’s government has asked the US for it to make Puerto Rico a state numerous times. finally Puerto Rico should become a

  • Puerto Rico Downfall

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    Puerto Rico becoming a state would attract several positive outcomes for Puerto Ricans’ lifestyle and future. Puerto Rico is a territory and commonwealth of the United States, making them American citizens. Although, Puerto Ricans fear that becoming a state would mean they would have to lose their culture and become the poorest state as well. Puerto Rico’s corrupt government and debt crisis have caused the island’s citizens to have a negative outlook on their future and move away to the States in

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    Life offers us many paths to decide our future. It gives us experience and different types of impacts. Coming to the United States from Puerto Rico when I was seven years old was by far the biggest effect on my life. This experience touched me the most because I was given an opportunity to learn and have a greater opportunity in life. Learning a different language was my biggest obstacle, but I overcame it through hard work and determination. Being young and only knowing Spanish was difficult

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    Puerto Rico, with its beautiful beaches, widely visited rainforest, and tropical climate might seem like a paradise to many people. Yet, according to pbs.org, “50,000 Puerto Ricans a year are leaving for the U.S.”. Such statistics show the substantial emigration of Puerto Ricans towards other states and countries. According to economist Heidi Calero, “…the people who are leaving are young people, they are professionals, those who are working, or at working age…”. This creates what is known as a brain