Pros And Cons Of Globalization In Colombia

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Globalization is the inclusion of the differents values socio-cultural and economic local from one country to another, through their relationships exchanged a series of products and knowledge that extend and increase their ideological and economic situation. Globalization is beneficial for businesses of Colombians. As well as has influenced in areas as the social, economic, cultural, political, technological and educational in our country, globalization has ventured into the business of Colombians to favor or disfavor wholesale sales. Globalization has been a transition process started from the time of conquest and colonization, this exchange of cultural contracted a new market with mobility and trade of products and goods which over time did not stop there, but rather it was intensified and point greater flowed recognition from the …show more content…

The representation of the interests of Colombia is participating in the negotiations, the dispute settlement processes in our interest and in meetings in which are discussed issues regular administration and enforcement of the WTO agreements. Colombia expressed its interest directly through formal and informal groups that there is common interests. Coalitions are formed depending on the issues and national interests, this explains why they are not always integrated by the same partners. " This openness and trade liberalization has led to the importation of products, where the agricultural sector has been one of the most disadvantaged for reasons that hinder their good development as the high cost of supplies for cultivation, armed groups, drug trafficking and the lack presence of government support programs and plans to increase the safety and permanence of the rural population in agricultural

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