Similarities Between Canada And Colombia

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Actors and Processes; Comparison between Canada and Colombia Introduction The idea of globalization presumes integration and similar development for the whole world which in reality is a mirage. This is owing to very many differences among the over two hundred countries across the globe. These countries are sharply contrasting in almost all the spheres of life ranging from, their political systems, size of their economies, the demographics, social practices, cultural practices to governance structures. However, amidst these many differences there are certain common threads that cuts across all the countries in the world for instance however unique and different but each country has a political system that determines how the country is governed. …show more content…

It is located north of the United States of America and South West of Greenland. Canada was colonized by the British and was under direct rule of the British monarchy until 1867 when the North America Act was passed granting the dominion of Canada her independence. By this Canada became a self governing colony even though still within the British Empire. Canada became a nation and a democratic federation which fundamentally implies that the powers of the government are devolved between the central government and the federal governments of the various provinces that comprises the nation. On the other hand Columbia is a South American country located just at the north tip of South America. Colombia was colonized by the Spanish and got her independence in 1810 before being conquered again between 1815 and 1816. They later defeated the Spaniards to form one nation, the republic of Colombia consisting of Ecuador, Panama and Venezuela. However, the country underwent turmoil occasioned by regional differences and civil wars that led to the separation of these countries into independent states. The modern Colombia has two main political players that is the liberals and the …show more content…

However, the congressional elections normally precede the presidential elections with the elections of the delegates to the departmental and municipal assemblies coming after every two years. To be declared the winner in the presidential elections one must get over 50% of the total votes cast. Unlike the Canadian system, in Colombia once the president is sworn into the office he formally forms the government by appointing the cabinet and other government officials. Both the senators and the representatives are elected directly by the people for a 4 year term in office. The country is partitioned into electoral boundaries known as districts therefore each department is considered an electoral college electing at least two representatives whereas each senator represents an entire district. The person who gets the highest number of votes is considered duly elected in their congressional

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