Reflection On Globalization

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The aim of this assessment is to reflect on what I have learned this semester regarding the module of Business in Global Context; from the lectures with the professor, the case studies done in class and the three previous patchworks that we worked on. We have learned that there are different internal and external components that affect the business environment, from corporate social responsibility to cultural and institutional framework; organizations must take into consideration all the factors related to the different parts of its environment. For the topic discussion, I will be discussing globalization and how it has affected the global business environment along with the key aspects and the different point of views regarding it. Then I will state the links between globalization and some of the other lectures that we have covered this year, I chose this lecture because it’s one of the most important parts of any business environment worldwide, globalization has also introduced many developments such as internationalization, liberalization etc. Topic Discussion: Globalization has opened the doors between all businesses and countries worldwide, it has created connections without boundaries and a global exchange of information, cultures etc. It has widely increased the flow of money exchange and foreign investments in countries, and created an involvement between different people in many political, social and economical activities. Changing world politics, technological

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