Essay On Sustainable Agriculture

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Introduction: “Sustainable agriculture is the efficient production of safe high quality agricultural products, in a way that protects and improves the natural environment the social and economic conditions of farmers their employees and local communities and safe guard the health and welfare of all farmed species“ There are three main principles of sustainable agriculture, the three principles are: 1. Economic sustainability 2. Environmental sustainability 3. Social sustainability With the human population continuing to rise, it is vital that the agricultural industry becomes more sustainable to meet the needs of the growing population. One of the impacts of this growing population is an increase in land usage for settlement purposes. This means farmers will have to feed more people with less land. Economic development will also help increase the demand for food products. The biggest challenge facing farmers is to double their production with limited resources. Economic sustainability is an important aspect of sustainable agriculture. The majority of farms are either not profitable or making very little…show more content…
On the farm we recycle everything and try to stay away from using landfill as much as we can. All our silage covers and plastic is sent to a register collection point in Castlerea. All bags of meal are sent to Barna waste in Ballaghaderreen where they are recycled into plastic bags again. Plastic buckets and barrels are reused as either water trough or feed buckets for the animals whilst there are being housed. On the farm we take the environment very seriously and recognised that it is our responsibility to look after in the best way possible, we are looking at new ways to reduce our environment impact and carbon
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