Persuasive Essay On The Field Of Agriculture

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I remember it like it was yesterday, running off the school bus as I excitedly skipped towards my mother with a bright yellow sheet of paper in hand. I was so eager to tell my mom all about the field trip we were going on as a class and have her sign the permission slip which would allow me to attend. The destination, Milburn Orchards, a local agritourism facility that has everything from acres of apple trees to pumpkin patches and from a petting zoo to its very own creamery. Looking back, some of my most memorable experiences as a student, on field trips, revolve around the amazing world of agriculture. These excursions allow us to dream big about what our future may hold. Ask the 6 year old me and I would have told you I wanted to be a dairy farmer when I “grew up” - and because of these “first hand experiences”, I’d be willing to bet I wasn't the only kid in class that would’ve mentioned a future in the world of agriculture. Yet, as we advance through our education, selecting a career becomes problematic due to the pressures felt from sources, which may not encourage the field of agriculture as a career choice. So, how do we combat the disconnect seen between the excitement of elementary …show more content…

Youth are now privileged to have everything at their fingertips, with instant results and answers from a simple Google search on their handheld devices. The most recent United States Census states there are 80 million Millennials in the United States, and they are expected to make up 75 percent of the workforce in just eight short years (Silva). Many younger people are unaware or simply uneducated when it comes to agriculture. So how is this generation supposed to know about the great field of agriculture and our advancements? What’s supposed to draw them in? It is no secret that people are drawn to what they know, and for this generation it’s simple:

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