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  • Sustainability And Sustainability

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    ARE THE MAIN THEORIES AND DEBATES ABOUT “SUSTAINABILITY” WHAT WOULD A SUSTAINABLE SOCIETY LOOK LIKE? Introduction Sustainability was first introduced in the UN document “Our Common Future”, it has since gathered a huge debate on its true definition which seems to escape many, but however it has a broad known meaning. Sustainability is the promotion of human wellbeing while simultaneously conserving the environment. I have come to understand sustainability as using today’s resources in a manner that

  • Sustainability And Environmental Sustainability

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    Sustainability has become the buzzword in recent times, sustainability has reached a stage where science meets politics and politics meets science. In the last two decades, diverse actors of various institutions have been formulating projects and are spending large amounts of money in the name of sustainability. There have been numerous recent studies which have offered solutions to the problem of achieving sustainability. Many policy analysts see technology and development as a tool for growth that

  • Coca Cola Sustainability And Sustainability

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    Introduction: If anything that companies are cautious about these days, it is their sustainability goals. Sustainability goes beyond the realms of what companies must do for their stakeholders. It also makes them realise that sustainability, is essentially, translated to profitability and growth. “Value has value only if its’ value is valued,” once said Bryan Dyson, Former CEO, Coca Cola. Bryan Dyson served as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Coca Cola Enterprises from 1985-2001. If anyone has

  • Sustainability In Engineering

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    Introduction In order for us to get a clear understanding of the topic “Concept of sustainability in engineering” we should get a clear understanding/definition of the topic, therefore we should understand what engineering and sustainability is, which are the two keywords in this topic and also how both of them are related. First we will look into the definition of engineering. • What is engineering ? According to the oxford dictionary, engineering is defined as follows; Engineering (noun): (1)

  • Social Sustainability: The Conditions Of Social Sustainability

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    Social sustainability Some authors have defined Social sustainability as follows: “Social Sustainability occurs when the formal and informal processes; systems and structures and relationships actively support the capacity of current and future generations to create healthy and liveable communities. Socially sustainable communities are equitable, diverse, connected and democratic and provide a good quality of life”. Explained in different words, a society that has reached social sustainability is one

  • Sustainability In Olympics

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    between marketing, sustainability and the Olympics. Marketing has an important place in every organisation, whatever the size of the organisation, it defines the market and the way to act in this market. Sustainability is also an important part of most of the organisations, it is considered as a duty regarding the society and the planet to act with respect to a long term plan. As some of the biggest events of the world, the Olympic Games have to meet this goal of sustainability using the marketing

  • Sustainability Reflection

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    better understanding of sustainability education, the issues facing teaching sustainability and solutions to incorporating sustainability into the classroom. Sustainability education is the ability of individuals to become more aware of their environment and gain the knowledge, skills, values and experiences that will allow them to solve environmental problems. I personally gained sustainable knowledge, skills, values, and experiences in this course. My knowledge of sustainability now expands to include

  • Sustainability In Tourism

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    emphasis on sustainability. Sustainability is defined as “the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance” (Webster Dictotionary). Sustainability, especially in regards to natural resources has steadily risen on the awareness scales of many fortune 500 companies and beyond. From a financial standpoint it is wise to invest in sustainable measures for hotels. In this literature review focusing on sustainability,

  • Environmental Sustainability

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    Sustainability and the environment: Green the new Gold A revolution in trade today is the many alternatives consumers have in the products which they consume. Walking in a mall, supermarket or bazaar consumers are confronted with an overpowering range of choices to consume more ethically and morally through being sustainable and environmentally conscious. These alternatives include clothing decisions like sweatshop and child labour free products, to buying organic food, fair trade food or items such

  • Sustainability In Management Education

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    1. Introduction Sustainability in today's times has become such a prime concern both in the body of knowledge and society that hardly any dimension of knowledge is left untouched from its purview. That is the reason whenever we want to talk about the sustainability; it needs to be specific in the light of existing context. This observation prevails because of the existence of specific sustainability problems. The reason behind it stands as the diverse contributions made by authors from different

  • The Importance Of Sustainability In The World

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    definition of sustainability, it is all about maintaining resources or ecological systems, it resonates with living and makes me feel a sense of urgency that survival, or quality of life, maybe an increasing issue. My own definition has become: living in a way that humans can increasingly minimize their negative impacts on the Earth, thus doing more to preserve the world in its healthiest form for future generations. The first step to preserving the world is my, individual, impact on sustainability and what

  • Corporate Sustainability Criticism

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    TABLE OF CONTENTS TITLE PAGE NUMBER Introduction to corporate sustainability reporting Criticism of traditional financial reporting Theories behind corporate sustainability reporting Cost and benefits of CSR Opinion and conclusion Bibliography Corporate sustainability is a business approach that recognises the importance of corporate growth and profitability, but with that the corporation must also pursue societal goals, specifically those relating to sustainable development — environmental protection

  • Theories Of Sustainability Development

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  • Importance Of Sustainability In Procurement

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    Sustainability in Procurement Introduction Procurement or material sourcing is an integral part of a supply chain in any industry. Sustainability in supply chain deals with managing not only the economic, but also the social & environmental aspects of the whole process throughout the lifecycle of the goods & services involved. Traditionally, most organizations adopt sustainability measures for their operations to adhere to prevalent regulations, both legal & contractual. But in the present day

  • Importance Of Sustainability In Fashion

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    Sustainability in Design Report Sustainability is important as it impacts our social, cultural and physical environment. In the Fashion and Design industry, some fashion designers take sustainability in textiles very seriously. Textiles are anything from a simple dishcloth that you use every day to the obvious one, your clothing. Sustainability in the fashion industry involves ensuring that the garment that you are making can get maximum wear in its life cycle. Sustainability can be defined as when

  • Sustainability In Project Management

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    nowadays are encompassing sustainability not just because they are socially responsible, but also because sustainability brings advantages and opportunities to be competitive on the market. The projects, as a form of corporate activities, are a beginning to be a dominating force throughout all industries. This generates the opportunity for project leaders to help organizations to integrate practices of sustainable development in order to achieve the their strategic sustainability goals throughout the

  • The Importance Of Sustainability In Business

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    Sustainability in business refers to the long term strategic planning which incorporates organizational growth with positive environmental and societal continuity. More organisations are integrating sustainability into their everyday processes and these including producing and using green products, recycling and saving energy. Leadership in organisations is faced with the difficulty of balancing the expectations of different stakeholders while delivering on shareholder return. Although these expectations

  • Importance Of Technology For Sustainability

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    TECHNOLOGY FOR SUSTAINABILITY Abstract: Technology should be used for sustainability so that the future generations can have at least the same standard of living as of the current generation. The main concept includes to design and use of the technologies with regard to the needs of sustainable development. Sustainability assessments are necessary prior to the respective decisions. However, they pose methodological problems: The difficulties of anticipation of future developments, the determination

  • The Importance Of Sustainability In Architecture

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    somehow have an idea about sustainability but a few people knows the true meaning of sustainability. Sustainability is designing and living with considering the nature. Reducing the waste and using natural sources for energy consuming; between design approach it has economic and social dimensions. It is mostly confused with green design or eco-design but sustainability is not just something about architecture or design; it is also about life style and habits. Sustainability includes this two principles

  • Sustainability In The Hospitality Industry

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    customers than the hospitality industry. Guests have clearly highlighted that they desire a more sustainable manner of operation, however frankly not all guests are willing to support it financially. It is important to remember that the concept of sustainability, which hotels strive to, has both environmental and cultural aspects that must be taken into consideration. The keystone of hospitality is social responsibility – an ethical theory that highlights that an entity has an obligation to act to benefit