Sustainability Essays

  • Sustainability In Society

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    ARE THE MAIN THEORIES AND DEBATES ABOUT “SUSTAINABILITY” WHAT WOULD A SUSTAINABLE SOCIETY LOOK LIKE? Introduction Sustainability was first introduced in the UN document “Our Common Future”, it has since gathered a huge debate on its true definition which seems to escape many, but however it has a broad known meaning. Sustainability is the promotion of human wellbeing while simultaneously conserving the environment. I have come to understand sustainability as using today’s resources in a manner that

  • Weak Sustainability

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    foundations of weak sustainability. The position of weak sustainability holds that resource depletion and environmental degradation will not constrain human consumption possibilities in the future. What is the basis for this optimism? Weak sustainability is defined as the sustainability of a society that can utilize manufactured and human capital instead of natural capital. This observation is constructed by three conceptual foundations. The first foundation of weak sustainability is the economic growth

  • Urban Sustainability

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    Annex A. Moving Up the Urban Sustainability Pathway A city’s sustainability focus likely reflects both its place along the urban development pathway and its level of ambition for the future. To help cities determine what their sustainability focus should include, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC 2015) proposes three possible lenses through which they can examine themselves: • Basics. At a first level, a city must provide basic services to its citizens and create sufficient infrastructure for its growth

  • Sustainability In The Olympics

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    between marketing, sustainability and the Olympics. Marketing has an important place in every organisation, whatever the size of the organisation, it defines the market and the way to act in this market. Sustainability is also an important part of most of the organisations, it is considered as a duty regarding the society and the planet to act with respect to a long term plan. As some of the biggest events of the world, the Olympic Games have to meet this goal of sustainability using the marketing

  • Adco's Sustainability

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    Introduction The rapid change in the economic, environmental, and social environment has directed all industries to address sustainability and include it in their plans. Over the past years, the oil and gas sector, which is considered one of the largest in the world, has grown remarkably making it very difficult making it very crucial for this sector to adopt and implement significant changes in the way it operates. For better understanding of the landscape of the oil and gas sector, The Abu Dhabi

  • Sustainability In Fashion

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    Sustainability in Design Report Sustainability is important as it impacts our social, cultural and physical environment. In the Fashion and Design industry, some fashion designers take sustainability in textiles very seriously. Textiles are anything from a simple dishcloth that you use every day to the obvious one, your clothing. Sustainability in the fashion industry involves ensuring that the garment that you are making can get maximum wear in its life cycle. Sustainability can be defined as when

  • Sustainability And The Environment

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    Sustainability and the environment: Green the new Gold A revolution in trade today is the many alternatives consumers have in the products which they consume. Walking in a mall, supermarket or bazaar consumers are confronted with an overpowering range of choices to consume more ethically and morally through being sustainable and environmentally conscious. These alternatives include clothing decisions like sweatshop and child labour free products, to buying organic food, fair trade food or items such

  • The Role Of Sustainability In Organizations

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    nowadays are encompassing sustainability not just because they are socially responsible, but also because sustainability brings advantages and opportunities to be competitive on the market. The projects, as a form of corporate activities, are a beginning to be a dominating force throughout all industries. This generates the opportunity for project leaders to help organizations to integrate practices of sustainable development in order to achieve the their strategic sustainability goals throughout the

  • Swedish Match Sustainability

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    and sustainability goals. As the Corporate Sustainability section of Swedish Match illustrates, responsibility and sustainability embraced by a culture of transparency across the value chain are the two main pillars of successful operations. In the following paragraphs, the Corporate Sustainability report of Swedish Match will be discussed from a metaphor perspective in an attempt to outline the main messages this report aims to

  • Sustainability Accounting Impact

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    Impact of Sustainability accounting on Organization: Sustainability accounting is used to describe additional information management and accounting methods that aim to create and provide high quality information to support a corporation in its movement towards sustainability. Its reporting by contrast describe new formalized means of communication which provide information about organizational sustainability. Sustainability accounting and reporting is crucial for two reasons firstly

  • Sustainability In Our Society

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    Sustainability is the property of biological systems to remain diverse and productive indefinitely. Basically, if a thing or an activity is sustainable, it means that it’s not been completely exhausted of all of its resources. Land for instance, land is sustainable because even if they strip it for coal, they can still reuse it to put a house on, maybe even plant crops. Sustainability is broadly described as something that can maintain itself. Land, forest, and wetlands are often good examples of

  • Reflection On Sustainability Education

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    better understanding of sustainability education, the issues facing teaching sustainability and solutions to incorporating sustainability into the classroom. Sustainability education is the ability of individuals to become more aware of their environment and gain the knowledge, skills, values and experiences that will allow them to solve environmental problems. I personally gained sustainable knowledge, skills, values, and experiences in this course. My knowledge of sustainability now expands to include

  • Social Sustainability Definition

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    Social sustainability Some authors have defined Social sustainability as follows: “Social Sustainability occurs when the formal and informal processes; systems and structures and relationships actively support the capacity of current and future generations to create healthy and liveable communities. Socially sustainable communities are equitable, diverse, connected and democratic and provide a good quality of life”. Explained in different words, a society that has reached social sustainability is one

  • The Three Pillars Of Environmental Sustainability

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    Environmental Sustainability and Urban greening The meaning of Environmental Sustainability is deeply rooted in Morelli’s concept of the three pillars of sustainability shown in Figure 2.4. Figure 2.4 (b): The Three Pillars of Sustainability (Morelli, 2011) According to the above concept for complete sustainability problem to be solved, all three pillars of sustainability must be sustainable (Morelli, 2011). Of the three pillars, environmental sustainability is regarded as

  • Sustainability Officer Examples

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    8. What is an example of a Chief Sustainability Officer position with the Federal government? According to the Office of the Federal Environmental Executive website, in 2014 Kate E. Brandt was appointed as the White House Administration 's first Federal Chief Sustainability Officer. “She is responsible for promoting environmental and energy sustainability across Federal Government operations including 360,000 buildings, 650,000 vehicles, and $445 billion annually in purchased goods and services

  • Walmart Sustainability Analysis

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    concerns. As far as internal sustainability is concerned, employees can be trained and educated to reduce negative environmental impacts through waste reduction, recycling, energy efficiency, etc. Formation of green teams or committees internally to work over such matters can be a powerful motivator. Companies focused on sustainability are appointing chief sustainability officers leading a department with a mandate to proactively develop and implement a corporate sustainability strategy.

  • Sustainability In The 21st Century

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    In the world of the 21st century, the idea of promoting sustainability has become an im-portant factor, not only in terms of everyday consumption, but also in other aspects, that were not much considered in the past few centuries. The term of sustainability can be described as a wise attempt of humankind to reduce the negative impact of consumer-ism and finding long-term solutions to improve the quality of life on our planet. The imbalance we created in the nature has become quite obvious and it

  • Operational Sustainability In Nissan

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    Business operational sustainability is a method used to evaluate businesses and their ability to continue using existing practices without putting the business and its resources at risk. Sustainability in simpler terms is being able to get something completed without compromising the ability to get it done in the future. There are three theories when it comes to sustainability and they all can relate to Nissan and their sustainability as a company. The three theories are the just-in-time theory

  • Zipcar: Environmental Sustainability Practices

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    If only environmental sustainability gave proven return on investment (ROI), it would be easy being green. Corporate executives would be echoing the same thing. The problem is, executives haven’t always connected the dots between the green of profit and the green of environmentalism.1 It is only in recent times, that we humans have been able to look beyond the obvious to understand the implications of not only not complying with sustainable development practices but rather more importantly knowing

  • Business: The Importance Of Sustainability Principles

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    Introduction: Business sustainability is often defined as managing the triple bottom line - a process by which companies manage their financial, social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities. These three impacts are sometimes referred to as profits, people and planet. Introducing sustainability is one of the key values which every business must abide to. It is said to be one of society’s promising means to safeguard natural resources and the eco system. Sustainable business is environmentally