Narrative Essay On Honduras

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Honduras is an amazing place to visit but the people who inhabit it are the ones making it look bad. People seem more interested in politics and being superior but never in how to make their home a better place or to actually get an education to have a broader perspective of how things really are. My mom was born in a time full of chaos in Honduras. My mom lived in a little village named Atima surrounded by mountains. Atima is a municipality in the Honduran department located in Santa Barbara, Honduras. My mom is a strong working woman, who with her mind set to come to the United States, made a change in her life and prospered into what she wanted. My mom set her journey to the United States in 1992. It took her more than six months to get to her destination since she had to stay in Mexico for a couple of months, because they told her that back in Los Angeles, there were riots happening at the moment and that it was too dangerous. My mom remembers being told that the 1992 riots in Los Angeles occurred after these police officers brutally beat an unarmed …show more content…

At that time only liberals and nationals were the only two parties, all they did was fight for politics. And when one or the other political parties won nothing changed. There were still many deaths and different political views and no one was ever pleased. The liberals were trying to make Honduras a military state while the others were trying to help fight the entrance of communism that some of the President wanted. She says that from what she sees on the news little or nothing has changed. The only thing she says that she notices that slightly change is how many people now aren’t as afraid to have a political opinion. Although it’s still very intimidating, especially the fact that some people kill others so that they have the same views as the rest and force them to vote for a corrupted

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