Personal Narrative: My Trip To Cancun Mexico

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In my life ive had lots of memorable events , but the most unforgettable one was my graduation trip to Cancun Mexico. when I first found out I was going to this trip I thought it would be so easy as in just get up and go, but no this trip took tons of planing, the most important part of this trip was getting my passport that took about five weeks to arrive, once I received my passport then I was able to start booking my flight, that's when the excitement started,then I booked my hotel. I took care of all the important things then I started looking into placing and things I would be visiting such as beaches,water parks, entertainment shows,shopping centers,restaurants,etc

The day arrived off we go to Cancun my boyfriend,friends and I, We got to the airport early that morning went thought security then we grabbed are tickets found are gate number then took a sit while we wait for the plane …show more content…

we stop at a couple of markets to buy souvenirs,by then we were all exhausted so we decided to call it a night.

Morning came and we started are day, we went for a jet ski ride at the beach the beach water was amazing it was so clear and blue I just wanted to stay there all day long after the beach we all went to a resort the resort had lots of different things to do the first thing we did was swim underneath big caves the caves were dark and the water was so cold, after the caves we went snorkeling I have to say that was the best part of the trip I saw tons of different sea creatures I got to touch live stingray even though I was so scared I had to do

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