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Socoro Silva Field Trip Journal Day 1: Well, after stressing about packing, and then finally hitting the road the whole gang was headed for the Eloy Detention Center in Florence. Honestly, I was kind of excited to see the inside of this place. I wanted to get the first-hand experience of what it was like on the inside. Once we there was obvious something weird going on. They were very protective of letting camera’s in, or near the facility. I do understand protecting people’s privacy, but the way they handled that seemed way more than what they were letting on. We were pushed through the front desk, and was scanned, and treated like meat as we were pushed through the metal detector. They seemed to not really be friendly, and just wanted their …show more content…

It was so much fun to be able to be in the frontline and in the action of the pro-immigration movement. Day 3: This was the day that we got to visit Nogales, Mexico. I was surprised to see how easy to was to get into Mexico, nearly nothing, it was practically just crossing the street. After entering, we had visited Jose Antonio memorial. After seeing the Border Wall from where he was shot down, without a doubt, I believe that Jose Antonio was wrongful taken from this world, and it is because of the U.S. failure to realize the consequence of their action. We then took a bus to HEPCA, which is an organization that aims to help the children of Nogales. Even though, I did not speak Spanish, I could really feel the emotion, and deicationt he speaker was portraying. I am even thinking about maybe volunteering some day with HEPAC, due to our visit. I really did enjoy talking with the recently deported migrants at Grupo Beta. They were so friendly, and willing to talk to us about their lives. They even poked fun at us, and we joking around with us. Further, I was amazed by their sheer determination, and wiliness to try again, even if that meant

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