My Trip To Florida Essay

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The trip to Florida. Orlando to be exact. We had been planning this trip for a while. My whole family hopped in the new car we bought about a month ago. It was already beginning to look like the car we had before. Candy wrappers were in the floor, old water bottles still in the cupholders, and jackets, basketballs, and bags piled in the back. It didn’t matter though because we were about to have the time of our lives. The first hour was boring as always. It was boring mostly because there was no new roads to drive or sights to see. It was along first hour, too. No one was in the mood to talk because we woke up before the sun was visible. Everyone was just tired and had nothing to do. The second hour was much more interesting. This was when we …show more content…

Especially, my dad who had been driving the whole time. So we pulled off of I-75 onto an exit and went to a gas station. It was like a restaurant and gas station mixed. It was really big and everyone was allowed to grab one snack and a drink. I went with the usual teriyaki beef jerky and strawberry gatorade. My mom and dad switched out so my dad could take a nap. After everyone finished their snacks they went to sleep. It was a quiet as a nursery at nap time. The fifth hour was nothing but “are we there yet” and excitement. We were all talking about what we would do when we got there and what there would be to do. I think that about all five of us were set on unpacking and hitting the pearly white sand and crystal clear water. That was all that happened then. The sixth hour was boring because everyone was just ready to get out of the car. The good thing though is that we could smell the beaches. That meant one thing. We were getting close. The seventh hour was beautiful and amazing. The buildings were magnificent. They looked like futuristic castles. The cars that we saw were also cool. But we were still waiting to see the beach and get out of the

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