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All of my life, I had known nothing, but Snellville, Georgia. Snellville was a very small city in Northwest Georgia, weighing in with a population of about 20,000. Since Snellville was where I was born and raised, I was used to what the city had to offer, even though it wasn't very much. My family and I had never traveled outside of the state for two reasons: we weren't in a financial position to do so and my father could not get the time off from work. It was the beginning of July in the summer of 02', when my parents completely surprised my brother and I with round-trip plane tickets for a two week stay in Greece. Today was the day that we were set to leave. It was around six in the morning when we all woke up and packed the car tight to leave. We were leaving so early because the drive to the Chattanooga Airport was a little over five hours. After we had all ate breakfast, it was time to leave. I was so excited to fulfil my inner wanderlust over the next two weeks, that I had barely slept the last few nights. I wanted to be well-rested, so that I would be able to take in every second of the trip. I decided to take a nap in the car and told my parents to wake me up when we were thirty minutes out from the airport. …show more content…

It started out in the car when we were on our way to fly to Greece. I remember seeing the airport, but then I soon fell unconscious. I looked up and saw a bright light gleaming down and about six doctors hovering over me. They were saying things like "It'll be a miracle if this girl lives" and "Who in the right mind would drive as drunk as they were." As all this was happening, It was like I could see myself. I looked down at my face and tears were streaming, I was trying to move my arms and legs, but they were not moving. I had stopped

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