Personal Essay: Security Conditions In Iraq

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It took 250$ and good deeds to create some doctor like me.

Growing up I was the kid who looked at the world with open optimistic eyes. I grew up in a small city called Dora located in Iraq, the middle of three girls. I was born in the late 90s, I have been told that I was born "at the end of the good days". That's when Iraq's political circumstances were not at peace at all, at 2003 another war broke in Iraq. My family felt threatened by all the violence the country was in. That's when my family and I fled to Syria for limited time intel the country's condition could get better. When we came back to iraq at that time the security conditions in Iraq were terrible They got from bad to worse. One evening a massive shooting occurred near our …show more content…

I was old enough to feel that my father was stressing about that, not to add a lot of terroist attaches were happening near us. We didn't feel safe at all we would pray everyday before we go to sleep as if somthing horrible was going to accrue. One day, My father all suddenly told us to pack our suit cases, and that we were going to visit all our relatives before we leave he said " who knows if we are going to see them again". That week we visited all my relatives the ones I lived with at least,That week felt like a minute it went so fast by I was enjoying it I felt like I was getting the good days back, but that feeling lasted a minute. The day were were traveling my father told us we were going to turkey my Unties and uncle took us to the buss satiion. They were crying the hole way, but they didn't want us to notice, they had quit cries. we stepped into the buss and as the buss was taking off I wanted to take last look at my Unties and uncle before I left I took a look and I saw them crying there faces were red, I remembered when we use to have family gathering in our garden and how fun it was, the smell of the grace the beautiful breeze. At that second I felt like this was the last time I was going to see them, a tear fell down my cheeks I didn't feel it Intell it touched my drawing book

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