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Michael Fiore Mrs. Maffetone 10/20/15 English 9 Shamans Street I had lived in Woonsocket Rhode Island all my life. It was a peaceful town and had one of the lowest crime rates in the country. My father moved here after he met my mother Sara because he came from a bad neighborhood. We don’t like to talk about it much, it’s just something we really don’t know how to explain. It’s me, my brother Joe, my mother Rose, and my father Michael. My name is also Michael after my father, its been a family name and when I get older I want to name my kid Michael to continue the heritage. We lived on Shamans Street, right off the main avenue. It was considered one of the safest places in Woonsocket, I could never feel safer I was like a baby in a carriage. …show more content…

My mother had made eggs and toast for breakfast. Me and my brother ate as fast as we could because we wanted to see our favorite show SpongeBob. As we turned on the T.V. the news channel was on from the night before. On the news was breaking news about a serial killer. It showed 3 dead bodies the whole family was dead and the kid was missing. They knew it was a serial killer because this serial killer left his Initials. C.B. which stood for The Child Butcher. The Child Butcher was well known In the North East because he has killed over 65 people. All of them had the same fate, the whole family was dead while the oldest or only child was missing and never to be found. As we were watching it my mother yelled at us and told us to change the channel so we did. I told my brother “thank god we don’t live near The Child Butcher”. My brother turned towards me and said “You never know The Child Butcher could live right next door to us, he could be your best friend, or your teacher, hell he could be you” said by brother sarcastically. My brother was younger then me by 3 years, we got along well and he was always fun to be with, I love my brother I don’t know what I would do without him. I told my brother “Do you really think that The Child Butcher lives near us?”. He replied “Who knows but the odds of him going for us out of all the families in America are like 1 in …show more content…

I felt a cold breeze throughout the house like I was in a field out in the wind. I got up and my father was still here he told me to go out and get the garbage. I went and did that my drive way was really long so it took me about a minute to get it to the curb. On my way back I heard a scream like I had never heard before. The sound hit me like a bullet. It echoed throughout the area, you could have heard that for miles. I ran back in the house and what I saw was unreal. There was blood flooding every where. I saw my mom dead on the ground. She had a huge slit through her neck and blood was rushing out. It felt so unreal I felt like I was in a nightmare. I wanted to wake up from the nightmare but I knew that it was no dream. I continued to walk and I found my brother dead as well slit in the neck. I had tears flowing down my face but that was not even the worst part yet. The next thing I saw was my dad standing there with a knife. I was so shocked I said “Dad what happened, why is mom and Joe dead!!”. My dad replied “Son im sorry, Im so sorry”. I was goanna ask him if he killed them but deep down even at that age I knew he had killed them. I also knew if I had stayed I was next. I ran as fast as I could away from my dad. Luckily I escaped. My uncle and cousins came home to our house to find my mom and brother dead with CB initialed on there bodies. After my cousins had discovered all of this they called the police and the

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