Personal Narrative: My First Vietnam War

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Loud noises seemed to scare me, I have no idea why but screeching tires, Revving engines, screaming children, and even the occasional barking dog will get me on edge and paranoid. In my younger years I joined the US Air Force as a way to get away from everyday life, I just wanted to get out of the everyday monotony of work, sleep, wake, repeat. The only thing that brought me any kind of variety was my sweetheart back home, Hazel. We met in high school when I was just 17 years of age, somehow we are still together today through the night terrors and struggles I constantly suffer. Just today a dog growled at Hazel and it forced me to remember operation desert storm where an enemy dog was sicked on on of my comrades and went straight for the …show more content…

I was stored in a jail cell fed only bread and occasional water until the men came back to either try to torture me for information or to put me on live television to try to show america what is happening using terror and for me to make statements about america and the war. When they first came to make me spill information about my unit and if I knew anything about plans I kept my mouth shut, like anyone should. However, they mentally harmed me, days on end. I was forced to watch dogs eat men bit by bit, and after the feast they watched my waiting to stand up so they could have a reason to lunge and kill me on sight. The Iraqi secret police also sat me down and kicked me in the face until I were to spill information, this broke my jaw as well as my nose. They pulled my hands back so forcefully my wrist and shoulder got dislocated, and finally when they ran out of options they waterboarded me until near death and brought me up to puncture through my eardrum with a needle. I was disoriented, in pain, and near death. Luckily, word got out to my base and they sent rescue crews looking for me only to find the burnt down plane and my co-pilot but after almost a week of torture and lack of sleep I was found by the United States Navy SEALS. I was brought to base to speak about my time in jail. While the battle in the gulf was coming to a close I was resting up and

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