Personal Narrative: My First Vietnam War

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I was a coward who spent most of my time in a dark cave reminiscing on my failure as a friend. As dark as the cave was, so was my mind. There were so many things I was afraid to shine a light on, but one needed to be remembered. There was this man I liked so much that I couldn't help waving his thoughts out of my mind. Kevin Bigger, dark, tall, and agile with a rectangular face structure; he was ready to serve. He made me a promise to protect me, knowing me for a weak soldier who couldn't even hold a gun properly not to talk of squeezing the trigger. And he also made me promise to take his tags home in case he couldn't make it out alive. I counted on his words and we made so many successful missions for our country. But all that didn't work …show more content…

I felt it needed to pay a visit to Kevin's Ma. I need to tell her what happened to her son though she might have known since the war was over and soldiers had returned to their families. As I rapped on the door, it opened from within to reveal a dark old lady of African-American decent. Her unkempt hair had almost turned grey and I adjudged she should be in her early sixties. Then, she stared her sunken brown eyes at me as if to decipher the bad tidings I have come bearing. "Soldier," her voice was thin and frail. I saw her eyes catch the camo trousers I had on. Definitely, that was how she knew who I might be. "Yes. I'm a friend of Kevin." The lady looked into my eyes and could read the disappointment they held. Then tears streamed down her angular cheekbone. I guess she knew her son didn't make it. I tried to hold her but she fought free, dropping on the floor in a reeling motion. "I'm sorry." was all I could say. Later when she was calm, I led her back into the house where she relaxed on the recliner. "What is your name? Perhaps you know Carter." Carter? That was my name. I couldn't believe Kevin mentioned me to his

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