Personal Narrative: A Separate Peace

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I was going through boxes looking for something, anything that would help me finish this project. My teacher just handed out an essay that we have to do on the history of a family member . My Dad told me if we have anything it would be in the trunk upstairs, but there were only trinkets in the trunk. I resorted to scavenging through the boxes in the attic. I gave up after finding nothing except a picture of some man sitting on a pony. Why it would be in a box in my attic, I have no idea. I blew a loose piece of my brown hair out of my face and continued on my search.
After looking some more I realized that I wasn 't going to find anything. I ran down the stairs to find my dad, he was sitting at the kitchen table with his phone in his hand. …show more content…

I grabbed my notebook and a pen and left. I opened the door and a warm gust of air struck my face. There was a heat wave right now, and everyone in Newtonville were either in the community pool or in their houses with the AC blasting. By the time I got to the old age home the sweat was dripping off my face and I just wanted to get this over with. I made my way to room 271 where my grandma has been since 2000, after the war. I walked in and she was sitting there with her hands folded staring out the window.
"Grandma?" I had to speak loudly, she was losing her hearing. She turned slowly towards me,
"Josie?" she inquired.
"Hi Grandma." I spoke. Grandma looked over me with sunken eyes. After telling her about my project, she went and grabbed a little trunk from under her bed.
" They teach you about the International War in school, don’t they?” She said
“Ya, of course, it was the biggest war in history.”
“I was 15 at the time, it seemed like the world was going crazy. Countries were building walls, and riots in every town. I remember the school I volunteered at, the kids had to wear gas masks.” As she spoke, she slide over a picture. It had these kids sitting on a bench and the huge masks over their heads. I slide it back over and waited for her to

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