Creative Writing: Detective Wallace's Murder

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“Did you know somebody murdered Mrs. Lincoln? We’re talking to the neighbors and of course, to you.”
“The lady across the street told me about it. I assure you that I would never harm her,” he said in broken English as tears filled his eyes, wiping them on his dirty shirtsleeve, he said, “My English ain’t good, but she was a great person.” “I want to ask you some questions.” “No problem, you don’t think I murdered her?” He asked turning off the lawn mower. “We don’t know who murdered her, so we need to follow up all leads,” Detective Wallace said. “I understand and will help all I can. Although sometimes we argued, Mrs. Lincoln was a sweet woman. At Christmas time, she gave me presents for my family. She made
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Lincoln, finally, Detective Wallace decided Louie had nothing to do with her death. “You can leave now. We may still want to talk so don’t leave town. Would you write your name and telephone number on this paper?” He asked, handing him a pen and paper.
After several days, the coroner completed the autopsy and called Marlene to have her mortuary pick up her remains. Andrew and Margaret along with friends and neighbors joined the family as they buried Katherine Lincoln in the family cemetery near her parents.
Returning to the cemetery, Marlene sat down beside her mother’s grave and wept, “We will need to find the killer before you can rest in peace.” Sobbing uncontrollably, she said, “Mom, I already miss you so much.
While sitting in the family room, drinking her coffee and watching TV, the doorbell rang. Marlene looked out the window and saw two men dressed in suits. Assuming they had news about her mother’s killer, she opened the door. “Good morning, Mrs. Barnes. How are you doing?”Detective Wallace said. “I’m fine. What can I do for you? Do you have any news about my mother? Are looking for her killer?” She asked. Rolling his eyes, Detective said, “We may have found the killer.” “Thank you, this won’t take but a few minutes,” Detective Johnson
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