Craig Wingard Research Paper

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Tulsa, Oklahoma, on July 5 at around 11:45am in the north side of the city, former Marine 33 year old Craig Wingard was transported to the hospital in critical condition. Craig had been shot by a man that went inside the house that Craig was in front of, came back out to started to shot. After shooting Craig, the shooter fled the scene in a dark vehicle with paper plates, this according to witness. Craig was shot four times in his chest, hand, and legs. When detective Matt Frazier arrived at the scene, he was updated my the officers at the scene, of what was the situation. Detective Frazier and his partner detective Justin Ritter; began their investigation. In every homicide, the first forty-eight hours are crucial for the investigation. For best results the detectives always have to find out what happen to the victim in the last 24 hours. This will help them investigate leads within the first …show more content…

Jeremy went to the police to issue a complaint, because his house was searched, and left a mess. During his complain, Jeremy was question about his son and his confrontation with Crag, he deny everything. Now the detectives are letting him know that Crag was shot in his front yard. After Jeremy was interrogated and was of no help, the detective had no other choice but to reach out to the news. Four days after a local car dealer got in touch with the homicide squad; informing them that, they recently sold a black SUV to Sarah. Sarah had fail to make payments, and that the car was a 2006 Pontiac Torrent. According to the dealer they had reposes the SUV and Sarah stoled it back from the dealer, and disable the GPS. The team is now searching for William, Sarah, and the car. After, searching for the car and both Sarah and William the detectives finally find the SUV and Sarah; this is 10 days later. However, she fled and the police and lost

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