Killing Mr Griffin Chapter Summary

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The book I chose to read for my book review was “ Killing Mr.Griffin”. It is about 5 high school students who hate their english teacher Mr. Griffin and come up with a plan to kidnap him. Their main purpose is to just torture and make Mr. Griffin think he is going to die. The plan takes a tragic turn and results in Mr. Griffin's death. The plan simply falls apart in a domino effect of terror and grief. In the very beginning, the book opens up with a clear hatred of the english teacher Mr.Griffin. Talking about how he assigns to much homework and his tests are way to difficult. Often times the main characters would get straight F’s on his assignments. Except for Susan who is the only one to pass his class. This foreshadows the plan …show more content…

This sends the plan into a spiral of events. David Mr. Griffins ring and Mark took his car. Susan is questioned because she is reportedly the last one to see Mr.Griffin. His wife becomes suspicious because of Susan’s answers to the police’s questions. So Mrs.Griffin goes to Susan’s house to question her personally and gets even more suspicious. Irma who is David’s grandmother, finds the ring that David took from Mr.Griffin. She then thinks that David’s dad gave him the ring and will not give it back to him unless she meets him. Mark tries to get the ring back and ends up killing Irma in the process. The neighbor describes the killer as wearing a brown sweatshirt. Mark is the only one the group knows who wears that kind of sweatshirt. Susan then threatens to tell the police everything that she knows. So mark goes over to her house, ties her up, and sets the house on fire. Before he does this, he tells Susan that he killed his father by burning his own house down. Mrs.Griffin notices her husband’s car in Susan’s driveway and runs into save her. She is exempt from all charges with her testimony. The rest of the group is criminally charged except for mark. Who is actually deemed a

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