Constable Essays

  • John Constable Edge Of A Wood Analysis

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    John Constable created the Edge of a Wood in 1816, an Oil on canvas presented in the Art Gallery of Ontario. The work, in which its dimensions are 92.1 x 72.1, presents a painting of the forest in the fall season. The trees, seemingly depicts density through its amalgamation of leaves and darker tones of shadows. The shadows, encapsulate any tones the vibrant fall season may bring forth, and helps usher the density Constable wishes to create. It is not until modalities shift to the foremost tree

  • Royal Irish Constabulary

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    Preservation Act in 1814 the first organised police force, later known as Royal Irish Constabulary, was established. After the formation of the provincial constabularies, the Irish Constabulary Act in 1822 created a force in each province with chief constables and inspectors general under the UK civil administration controlled by the Dublin Castle administration. In 1836 the first constabulary code of regulations was published. Even though the discipline was strict and the pay low, the number of members

  • Police Accountacy

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    so the policing needs are met as effectively as possible, by bringing communities closer to the police. The efficiency and effectiveness of the police forces are held responsible by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC). The Chief Constable however, is

  • Police Force Effectiveness

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    The NSW Police Force (NSWPF) are expected to comply with the ideals and expectations outlined in legislation and policy documents. These documents provide ethical, moral and legal principles to shape the decision-making process of police in the execution of their duty. This essay will discuss the failures of police to comply with these principles in dealing with potential juvenile offenders in the scenario. It will do this by examining their actions with reference to NSW legislation and relevant

  • Fiji Police Training Essay

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    Fiji Police Academy Fiji Police Academy (FPA) is one of the oldest organizations in Fiji established in early 1950’s by the British Colonial rulers under different names such as Police Depot, Fiji Police Training School then finally to Fiji Police Academy. The Fiji Police Academy is more of a cross between technical institute and a school as the curriculum involves both theoretical teaching with written examination’s to test knowledge and learning and also the students a taught various technical

  • Police Force In The Uk Essay

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    improvement Acts made by town authorities often included provision for paid watchmen or constables to patrol towns at night, while rural areas had to rely on more informal arrangements. These arrangements developed throughout the 1700s, with Henry Fielding establishing the “Bow Street Runners” in 1749 and then Sir John Fielding later reorganised Bow Street into a form of police station with efficient paid constables between 1754 and 1780. In 1800, some town authorities became more involved in improving

  • Arguments Against Police Corruption

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    Police corruption and the law breaking the law has very serious and unpleasant consequences, but the high profile scandals we hear about say a lot about how the establishment works nowadays. Yes, there was a level of expectation from the police who were involved in the incidents at Horsnett Farm, but experience established that expectation was never met Quote from Napoleon Bonaparte comes to mind ‘Never ascribe to malice, that which is adequately explained by incompetence’

  • Gender Sensitization Essay

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    GENDER SENSITISATION PROGRAM Law Enforcement Agencies (Police) ‘Police’ is State subject under the Seventh Schedule to the Constitution of India and, therefore, the State Governments and UT administrations are primarily responsible for implementing gender sensitization programme in Police forces. Initiative at the Union Level Gender sensitization programme is an integral part of training modules of: • Sardar Vallabhbhai National Police Academy (SVPNPA) Hyderabad • North Eastern Police Academy (NEPA)

  • Racism And Discrimination In The Criminal Justice System

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    Lawmakers and criminal justice personnel are meant to be guarded against discriminatory laws, policies and practices and to guarantee equal and effective protection of the law to everyone. However, the sad reality is that discrimination does exist in our criminal justice system. This paper emphasises to show how certain groups in society such as the aboriginals or indigenous people have been discriminated against in some form or another by the police or by the criminal justice system itself. Racism

  • Elephant By George Orwell Summary

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    George Orwell wasn’t a bad guy; he respected his job as a police officer and showed everyone he met with the most respect. But everyone didn’t show him with the same respect; this lead to George thinking about quitting his job. He decided to stay and work things out, but he didn 't know that his life was about to take a turn for the worse. One day the station got a call about a wild elephant on the loose destroying the city; but George wasn’t scare and got a rifle and headed out. But Geogre never

  • Stop And Search Essay Topics

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    Stop and search is one of the powers available to police officers and it is present in different acts, the most known is the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984. Under PACE section 1, “a police constable can stop and search a person if he has reasonable grounds to suspect that a person is in possession of stolen or prohibited articles” (Bowling and Phillips, 2007); the authors continue by adding that suspicion must be based on facts, information, intelligence, and it must be objective. Before PACE

  • Community Policing Philosophy

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    Community policing is a philosophy that promotes organizational strategies, which support the systematic use of partnerships and problem-solving techniques, to proactively address the immediate conditions that give rise to public safety issues such as crime, social disorder, and fear of crime. —Community Policing Defined Today, Participatory governance has become the buzzword of the society. People – the stakeholders of democracy are ready to participate with government functionaries

  • Job Stress Research Paper

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    concern of this research paper was to investigate the gender-wise, rank-wise and district-wise differences in job stress in police personnel in Kashmir valley. Inter-district differences in job stress in male and female police inspectors and police constables were also explored. Lastly, it also aimed at examining the effects of the level of job stress and gender on emotional states, psychological well-being, and psychological flourishing in police personnel. In this section, an effort has been made

  • Characteristics Of Community Policing

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    COMMUNITY POLICING AND ITS RELEVANCE Roll No. :- 66144 Although there are many stereotypes against police, yet policing is extra ordinarily composite effort. The police are a variance in the independent society by its nature.H. Goldstein has written that in a democratic civilization, police is invested with a lot of power in governance , although it is granted very grudgingly but when granted, sharply shortened. But in a democratic society, success of police very much depends on its capability

  • Consensus Model Of Policing

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    Conflict and consensus model of policing are seen to be the opposite of each other from the definition and examples seen above. Firstly, Consensus model of policing is collaborative in nature and members of society work together to achieve justice while conflict model of policing is authoritative in nature and the police used their ways to go about reducing crime and social disorder (Evans, 2016). Secondly, organisational culture is more prevalent in conflict model of policing where ---------, widening

  • The Negative Effects Of Stress In The Filipinos

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    Stress is part of the job, more or so, of life. There is no denying that the world we are living in now is filled with stress. People are stuck inside vehicles for hours because of the terrible traffic, the streets are becoming more and more perilous as blood continues to shed in the non-ending war on drugs, jobs demand workers too much of their time and effort, the police does not keep the nation feel safe anymore, and these are just some of the everyday stress the Filipino people are encountering

  • Corruption In South Africa

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    criticized for poor coordination and cooperation whilst fighting corruption requires a dynamic and multi-faceted approach to improve the performance of an agency (Public Service Commission, 2001). Amongst the bodies established to deal with corruption is the Independent Complaints Directorate, South African Police Service (SAPS) Anti-Corruption Unit, National Crime Prevention Strategy, National Intelligence Agency, Public Protector and Auditor-General, amongst others (Kalombo, 2005). Additionally

  • Stop And Frisk Analysis

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    Terry and Chilton are taking turns walking past a store front on a fall afternoon in Cleveland, Ohio. They each pass the store six times and then meet with a third man- Katz. A nearby police officer- Officer McFadden, notices the odd behavior of the pair and conducts a stop and frisk of all three men, which reveals two concealed weapons. In the subsequent trial for the charges of carrying a concealed weapon, the prosecution filed a motion for the suppression of the recovered guns as evidence citing

  • Critical Analysis Of Shooting An Elephant

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    " Shooting an Elephant " written by George Orwell describes an ugly nature of imperialism. The story is about one European police officer who served in Moulmein, in lower Burma. While he was doing his job he faced many difficulties because of local people's anti- European attitude. This negative attitude overcomplicated his job. He had already realized that he wanted to get rid of his job as soon as possible. As for the job he was doing, he got acquainted with the dirty work of Empire and he was

  • Cause And Effect Essay About Racism

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    Racism is an ever growing issue in the world, and something we can’t hide behind. According to the defintion of racism is: “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.” Race was created socially by how people perceive ideas and faces people are not used to yet. It is the “hatred” of one person to another individual, solely based on