Analysis Of The Article Durham Police Constable Glen Turpin

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In this article Durham police constable Glen Turpin was fired on Wednesday September 23rd for excessive use of force after a seven year paid suspension. He was terminated from the Durham Police Force after a tribunal decision. Turpin was fired after he was found guilty of. ”Unlawful or unnecessary exercise of authority.” Turpin had faced two criminal trials for assaults against prisoners, but before his down fall he was a decorated officer who received commendations in 2005 for saving a hostage. He was Durham police officer of the year in 2002 and received an award of merit in 2006. But as he was getting those award, complaints against Turpin where piling up both inside and outside the force, many of his supervisors complained he was “not …show more content…

The issue that is presented in this article with the Canadian justice system is the abuse of police powers and Police miss conduct. The accused Glen Turpin abused his powers as a police constable by both assaulting and threatening Canadian citizens. Assaulting a person alone is a crime under the criminal code of Canada, but assaulting a citizen as a police officer, a person who is supposed to protect and serve the public but instead assaults and threatens a citizen is a major abuse of police power. It is a major violation of a citizens rights and in major violation of the principal of the Rule of law. Which according to the (Online Law Dictionary) Stats it is the. ”Principal that all people and institutions are subject to and accountable to the law.” But for some reason Turpin thought he was above the law when he assaulted those people. Along with these assaults he was in miss conduct of the police force. According to one of Turpin’s supervisors he was “not fulfilling the basic aspects of the job” Another supervisor wrote Turpin was prepared to behave dishonestly in order to obtain an outcome he prefers.” This does not sound like an individual who should be on any police

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