Argumentative Essay On Police Brutality

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Brianna Marquez English III - 5th period May 22, 2018 Being bad & getting exposed Police brutality and the system being corrupt has always been an issue in America, but lately it’s been brought up more and more in the media. The system hasn 't always revealed the full truth about stories, but now with technology it has become a concern that the police are covering up things that we should know. Recently there have been more protests and riots about officers not doing their jobs and they are going out of there way to hurt victims. On the other hand, there is that amount of people who believe if the victims really did do something so terribly wrong, they deserve the punishment they receive. This can be a very touchy subject to talk about since there are so many viewpoints on police brutality and corruption, but there are some officers who are getting away with abusing their power. Police corruption can be used in many different ways, but the most common ways are where the police either abuse their contracts as officers to gain power for themselves in the department or for personal gain, like bribery or officers using the evidence taken for themselves. Extortion is also a problem in the system where officers use their power to threaten someone in order to get ownership of property or money. In one case, Enfield officer Matthew Worden was accused of using excessive force, meaning that while the suspects

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