Why Would The Jury To Kill Yatim

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The article I read about written by Wendy Gillis was about a police officer using excessive force against someone who seemed to have put a major threat towards the officer and resulted in a death. The shooting happened July 27, 2013 and ended the life of Sammy Yatim. A short summary of what happened was that Yatim pulled out a knife and was waving it around on the TTC, he told everyone to exit the bus and he put no one in harm. James Forcillo and his partner were the first to arrive at the scene and don’t Yatim multiple times to “drop the knife”. Yatim didn’t drop the knife and started walking in short strides around the bus, but not putting anyone in harm. Forcillo tells Yatim “if you take one more step in this direction I am going to shoot …show more content…

The first main issue is the jury results. Why would the Jury not find him guilty of second degree murder and manslaughter? Why would the Jury only convict Forcillo of attempt of murder? This type of crime scene had a lot of video footage, from the TTC bus, street cameras, people of Toronto recording etc. If you look at the video carefully and slow things down right before Forcillo took his first round of shots, Yatim was not charging towards anyone or harming anyone. As well, there was a large gap between Yatim and Forcillo so no one was going to be harmed unless you were on the bus with Yatim. I could agree with Forcillo decision of shooting Yatim because he was not obeying his orders, but to kill him within the first round is unacceptable. If Forcillo wasn’t in much harm and wanted to control the situation, he could’ve shot his leg, tasered him, pepper spray etc, but to kill someone within 3 bullets is definitely not heard of. I don’t agree with Forcillo decision of shooting Yatim 6 more times performing a second round of shots. In video evidence, Yatim was on the ground and already bleeding to death, shooting 6 more bullets at a person who is literally helpless and can’t do anything is very unprofessional for a police

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